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Post by Madeline26 on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:36 pm

Lunar clan:

Leader: Floodedstar(iguana): iguana-colored (turquoise and jade green) male penguin w/ river blue streaks.

Deputy: Lemurfern: brown and green female penguin with feathers that look like lemur fur. (Madeline)

MP: Cactusfeather: tan and cactus green male penguin with spikey feathers.

Snowpool- white female penguin with clear blue splotches. (Madeline)
Fireglow- fiery orange male with jagged patches of red and yellow and is outlined in blue. (Madeline)
Starrysong: A black female penguin with a pattern of stars over her feathers. (Izabel)
Moonlightflower: A white and iridescent mother of pearl female penguin with light blue eyes and a moonflower on her forehead. (Izabel)
Starlightdawn: A white and dawn colored female penguin with a light pink flower on her shoulder and blue eyes. (Izabel)
Shimmermorninglory: A rose cream and blue she-penguin with a light purple mark on her forehead. (Izabel)
Dawnpearl: A white and dawn colored female penguin with blue eyes. (Izabel)
Stormgale: a black penguin with white wind gust patterns on his feathers. (Monsoonfeather's mate) (Izabel)
Starlightshimmer: A silver and white female penguin who's feathers shine when moonlight reflects off them. (Izabel)
Starfishrise: A pinkish orange female penguin with blue eyes. (Izabel)
Maplerobin: A maple colored female penguin with a red underbelly. (Izabel)
Deltaanemone: silt colored female penguin with anemone pink spots. (Madeline)
Solarsun: yellow, orange, and red, female penguin. (Madeline)
Lunarmoon: silver and white female penguin. (Madeline)
Luminousglow: bright orange female penguin with silver dashes. (Madeline)
Dunescorpion: sandy male penguin with black spots. (Madeline)
Darkberry: black male penguin with berry blue triangles. (Madeline)
Hyenaclaw: hyena colored male penguin. (Madeline)
Silvercobra: silver male penguin with an orange cobra pattern. (Madeline)
Fierycricket: cricket colored male penguin male penguin with orange dashes. (Madeline)
Dashingcoral: A pink and black female penguin with dashing marks on her feathers. (Izabel)

Flowerfin[flight]: A white female penguin with a orange yellow spot on her chest and black lines branching out from it that look like daisy petals. Mentor: Shimmermorninglory (Izabel)
Sunfishfin[shadow]: yellow and orange male penguin with a black shadow pattern. Mentor: Snowpool (Madeline)

Monsoonfeather: A black and green female penguin with a white swirling mark on her back. Mother of Shatteringchick and Maplechick. (Izabel)
Shinespirit: silver female penguin with white dashes. Mother of Eveningchick and Stormchhick (Madeline)

Shatteringchick[dawn]: A white female chick with black shatter lines all over her feathers. (Izabel)
Maplechick[wing]: A green blue and rose colored female chick with a maple leaf on her back. (Izabel)
Stormchick[call]: dark gray male penguin with an orange lightning bolt pattern. (Madeline)
Eveningchick[primrose]: evening colored female penguin with primrose yellow spots. (Madeline)

Sprintflame: tan and orange male penguin. (Madeline)

Moon clan Warriors:
Risingmist: orange female penguin with creme and silver dashes. (Madeline)
Lunarpearl: A white female penguin with iridescent (milky white) hues and a moon mark on her forehead. (Izabel)

Barren Ice:
Tigerdash: orange and black stripped female penguin with green dashes who's very charming and persuasive. (Madeline)

Same rules apply as they do for Solar clan.

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