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Post by Madeline26 on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:37 pm

If there are ones one land and ones in the air, there must be one in the sea. This is a dolphin clan called Ocean clan. These dolphins aren't just ocean dwellers, but can be in other rainy/ water inhabited parts of the world. They can be fully out of water, however, for only two hours. You can use any name parts you want except made up mythical creatures.

Leader: Rainystar(cheetah): rainblue dolphin with silver cheetah spots. (Madeline)

Deputy: Foggylake: fog gray and lake blue male dolphin. (Madeline)

Medicine Dolphin (MD): Aurorageode- aurora and geode colored female dolphin. (Madeline)

Protectors (dolphin equivalent of a warrior):
Morningsunlight: A rosy colored female dolphin with blue eyes. (Izabel)
Alluringcall: silver female dolphin with white patches. (Madeline)
Diamondbackshark: gray male dolphin with a black diamond pattern down his back and his dorsal fin looks like a sharks. (Alluringcall's mate) (Madeline)
Redpython: gray male dolphin with a red python curving around his body. (Madeline)
Cavernecho: A dark gray male Protector with the ability to use his sonar to see a little farther than your average dolphin. (Seadawn's mate) (Izabel)
Quickrise: light brown female dolphin with light gray dashes.

Bioluminescentflipper[fire]: fire colored male dolphin with variously shaded green and blue speckles. Mentor: Quickrise (Madeline)
Incandescentflipper[peony]: firework colored female dolphin with a peony colored peony pattern. (Bioluminescentflipper's sister) Mentor: Alluringcall (Madeline)

Aurorawhisper: aurora colored female penguin with a faint white wind pattern. (Madeline)
Seadawn: A light blue female dolphinwith red and gold tips to her flippers. (Izabel)



Future Calves:
Spiralstarfish: white female dolphin with a pink starfish pattern spiraling around her body
Lightningboltkoi: koi colored female dolphin with a yellow lightning bolt pattern.
(The above are the calves of Aurorawhisper and Redpython)

Starlightsunrise: A red, violet, black, pink, and blue female calf with one amber eye and one ice green eye.
(The calf of Seadawn and Cavernecho)

Have fun!

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