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Post by Madeline26 on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:31 pm

I am making penguin clans for you guys to make penguins for. You can make penguins for any rank except leader, deputy, or medicine penguin (MP) [I made those]. You are allowed only one penguin with a special power. The apprentices suffix is -fin and for chicks it's chick. The leader's warrior suffix is in parentheses (so will apprentice and chick names). I will update these lists so chicks and apprentices will eventually become warriors. Just describe them and tell me what rank you want them to be and I'll add them. (Just be careful with eye-color [I normally use all human eye colors except violet.)

Solar clan:

Leader: Constellationstar (sky)- black female penguin w/ a white and silver starfield pattern. (Madeline)

Deputy: Volcanictornado- black, gray, and brown male penguin w/ red squiggly streaks.

MP: Gingerseashell- ginger, seafoam green, and pink female penguin. (Izabel)

Berrybreeze: A light pink female penguin with light blue tips to her fins. (Izabel)
Ripplefeather: A dark gray male penguin with blue eyes. (Izabel)
Thunderbird: A golden and black she-penguin with glowing red eyes it always storms when she's around. (Izabel) (She's the border hard and is hardly seen around camp.)
Eclipseflare- black and white female penguin with orange dashes. (Madeline)
Duskwhisper- dusk colored female penguin with white and silver swirls. (Madeline)
Runningvenom- brown male penguin with pale yellow streaks. (Madeline)
Stormfish- dark gray male penguin with an orange scale pattern. (Madeline)
Duskysong: A purplish red female penguin with blue eyes and a moon mark on her back. (Izabel)
Dappletalon:A dappled female penguin with brown eyes. (Izabel)
Midnightblaze: A black and red male penguin with a sun-mark on his forehead and green eyes. (Izabel)
Riverwind: A light gray and blue male penguin with blond feathers on his head. (Izabel)
Splashingwave: A dark blue and sea green male penguin with blue eyes. (Izabel)
Venomsong: An adder colored female penguin with diamond marks down her back and green eyes. (Izabel)
Oysterglow: A black and white speckled male penguin with a bright red mark on his forehead. (Izabel)
Flowingriver: river blue female penguin with light blue squiggly streaks. (Madeline)
Featherfrond: frond green female penguin who is really fluffy. (Madeline)
Watermelonthunder: green and pink female penguin with a yellow lightning bolt down his back. (Madeline)
Pinegrass: pine green male penguin with grass green dashes. (Madeline)
Venomnight: pale yellow, black, and white male penguin. (Madeline)
Hollowtail: white and orange stripped penguin with black tipped fins and tail. (Madeline)

Wavefin[claw]: A blueish gray male penguin with a green wave mark on his back. Mentor: Venomsong (Izabel)
Silentfin[wind]: A mute female penguin with white feathers and blue eyes. Mentor: Oysterglow (Izabel)
Jellyfishfin[wave]: jellyfish colored male penguin with wave blue squiggly streaks. Mentor: Flowingriver (Madeline)
Dawnclimber: dawn colored female penguin with strong claws. Mentor: Stormfish (Madeline)

Starrydawn: A dawn color female penguin with black and white speckles over her feathers and blue eyes. (Izabel)
Lilacrain: lilac purple female penguin with a rain blue raindrop pattern. Mother of Raindropchick and Egretchick (Madeline)

Morningchick[bloom]: A rosy colored female chick with green eyes. (Izabel)
Rosechick[bloom]: A bluish female chick with green eyes. (Izabel)
Raindropchick[feather] rain blue female penguin.
Egretchick[flipper]: egret colored male penguin. (Madeline)

Shadowflash: black male penguin with orange dashes. (Madeline)
Redberry: red female penguin with berry blue spots. (Madeline)

Moon clan Warriors (spirits, good):
Blossomsong: light pink penguin with silver dashes.(Madeline)
Morningmist: A light pink and misty white female penguin with blue eyes.

Barren Ice(spirits, bad):
Shreddedflower: pink and brown female penguin who's missing her left fin. (M

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