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Post by Madeline26 on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:33 pm

Celestial clan

Leader: Cascadestar(blizzard): light water blue female penguin w/ white dashes. (Madeline)

Deputy: Mountainoak: gray and light w/ an oak orange leaf pattern female penguin.

MP: Tidepoolsmoke: blue and white female penguin w/ smoke gray splotches.

Oysterflight- creme male penguin with black fins. (Madeline)
Skyripple- sky blue female penguin with a silver ripple pattern. (Madeline)
Rabbitflight: A dusky tan male penguin with short whiskers on either side of his beak and two tufts of feathers on his head. (Izabel)
Rushingnight: An ebony black femalepenguin with blue eyes. (Izabel)
Finchspot: A white and tan male penguin with an orange spot on his head. (Izabel)
Runningsky: A dusky tan and sky blue male penguin with brown eyes. (Izabel)
Desertrose: sandy female penguin with red patches and a pink rose on her shoulder. (Madeline)
Crescentlily: A white and blond (yellowish) female penguin with blue eyes and a lily mark on her forehead. (Izabel)
Wolfclaw: A brindled male penguin with a scar from a wolf fang on his shoulder. (Ripplesnow's mate) (Izabel)
Sandfeather: A light tan colored male penguin who looks like he's made out of sand. (Izabel)
Cherryfrost: cherry red female penguin with white splotches. (Madeline)
Snowflakedrift: white female penguin with purple swirls across her feathers. (Madeline)
Tanbeetle: tan male penguin with a brown beetle pattern. (Madeline)
Stalagmiteflame: stalagmite gray male penguin with an orange flame pattern. (Madeline)

Silverfin[leaf]: A silver female penguin with blue eyes. Mentor: Runningsky (Izabel)

Ripplesnow: A white female penguin with rippling marks over her feathers. Mother of Adderchick (Izabel)
Owlriver: tawny colored female penguin with blue squiggly streaks. Mother of Brindlechick and Berrychick (Madeline)
Scarletsong: A scarlet female penguin with blue eyes. (Izabel) Mother of Blue chick

Adderchick[eyes]: A tan and gray-green male chick with blue eyes. (Izabel)
Brindlechick[shadow]: brindle colored chick with a black shadow penguin. (Madeline)
Berrychick[venom]: berry blue male penguin with pale yellow streaks. (Madeline)
Bluechick [berry]: A blueish purple male chick with green eyes. (Izabel)

Turtledawn: murky green and brown female penguin with dawn colored splotches. (Madeline)
Rocklichen: gray, brown, and black male penguin with blue green streaks. (Madeline)

Moon clan Warriors:
Sunflowerfeather: brown and yellow female penguin. (Madeline)
Bluegaze: blue male penguin with deep blue eyes. (Madeline)

Barren Ice:
Darkeyes: A black male penguin with a scarlet patch on his throat and scarlet tips to his claws. (Izabel)
Voleflight: vole colored male penguin.

Same rules apply.

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