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Post by Madeline26 on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:34 pm

Galactic clan:

Leader: Fieldstar(fish): creme and light brown male penguin w/ an orange scale pattern.

Deputy: Eclipsingecho: white, creme, black, green, an orange female penguin.

MP: Koalaginko: light gray male penguin w/ white tufts on his head and ginko green and brown spots.

Blacksquirrel: A black male penguin with a white underbelly and two tufts of feathers on his head that resemble ears. (Izabel)
Jaggedthunder: A golden and blue male penguin with a white lightning bolt on his back and gray eyes. (Izabel) (Maplesong's mate)
Rainclaw- rain blue female penguin with light blue streaks. (Madeline)
Eaglebush- brown and white male with bush green patches. (Madeline)
Snarlingfeather: A brown and gray male penguin with a strange twist to his beak that makes it look like he's snarling. (Izabel)
Slidingtalon: A white and ice blue she-penguin with green eyes. (Izabel)
Moonlightsmoke: A smoky gray and shimmering white female penguin with one blue eye and one green eye. (Izabel)
Poppyclaw: A white and blue female penguin with red claws. (Izabel)
Scarletleaf: scarlet and leaf green female penguin. (Madeline) (She's expecting chicks...she doesn't know it yet)
Buzzardstorm: buzzard colored male penguin with dark gray splotches. (Scarletleaf's mate)(Madeline)
Silvermist: A silver and gold female penguin with one blue and one brown eye. (Izabel)
Crystallineraindrop: rain blue female penguin with a pale blue crystalline pattern. (Madeline)
Translucentstarlight: light yellow female penguin with a white seemingly translucent star field pattern. (Madeline)
Ebonylava: ebony brown male penguin with a red squiggly lava streak pattern. (Madeline)
Darkeningokapi: okapi colored male penguin with colors than darken in some areas of his feathers. (Madeline)
Foggymist: gray and silver male penguin. (Madeline)

Gingerfin[morning]: a yellow golden female Penguin with blue eyes. Mentor: Moonlightsmoke (Izabel)
Mistyfin[spirit]: misty blue penguin with silver streaks. Mentor: Scarletleaf

Maplesong: A red and maple colored female penguin with a purple mark on her forehead and blue eyes. Mother of Marinechick, Duskychick, and Bluechick (Izabel)
Wispybreeze: light blue female penguin with wispy white streaks. Mother of Sapsuckerchick and Polarchick and foster mother of Tsunamichick. (Madeline)
Cloudedleopard[whisper]: female penguin with a clouded leopard pattern on her feathers and a white swirling pattern over that. Mother of Dunechick and Kelpchick
Marinechick(storm): A marine colored female chick with white tips to her fins and blue eyes. (Izabel)Duskychick(flower): A dusky purple and pink female chick with gray-blue eyes. (Izabel)
Bluechick(talon): A blue and white male chick with brown eyes. (Izabel)
Tsunamichick [spirit]: A blue female chick with the image of a tidal wave on her back. (Izabel)
Sapsuckerchick[reed]: sapsucker colored female penguin with a brown reed pattern. (Madeline)
Polarchick[fish]: light pink, silver, and orange male penguin. (Madeline)
Dunechick[bloom]: sandy female penguin with a light pink flower pattern.
Kelpchick[skies]: kelp green male penguin with sky blue splotches

Rabbitfog: rabbit colored male penguin with foggy gray streaks. (Madeline)
Sapflower: sap colored female penguin with pink speckles. (Madeline)
Peonyfeather: peony colored penguin. (Madeline)

Moon clan Warriors:
Frogjump: frog colored male penguin. (Madeline)
Safflowercloud: safflower colored female penguin a fluffy white cloud pattern. (Madeline)
Poolpeony: pool blue female penguin with peony colored spots. (Madeline)

Barren Ice:
Murkyshadow: A black and muddy brown male penguin with sinister gray eyes. (Izabel)
Grassflower: grass green and flower pink female penguin. (Madeline)

Same rules apply.

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