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Icestar...A Character From 'Penguintopia' Empty Icestar...A Character From 'Penguintopia'

Post by Madeline26 on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:32 pm

Name: Icestar
Age: around 12 moons (at death)
Gender: female
Creature: penguin
Rank: leader
Clan: Ice clan (she's actually half Ice clan and half Wind clan, but her loyalties lie with Ice
Appearance: pure white penguin with silver-blue eyes
Alternate Appearance: none
Personality: very kind, keeps her true feelings to herself, she has slight anger issues at times, her chicks and Smartfin have caused her quite a bit of grief...
Abilities: She can see other penguins' pasts.
History: Icestar was egged to Snowstar, the previous leader of Ice can, in secret. It was imperative that that it be hidden because female leaders weren't technically supposed to have chicks...let alone with a male of another clan (or twice...Snowstar made the same mistake twice by accident...), so until she was a warrior, Icestar was taught to believe that her mother was Iceflipper, the Ice clan deputy, and that her father was killed in battle (Iceflipper never told her who her 'father' was). She led a pretty relaxed life from during her chickhood...she was the oldest of that year's chicks (aside from Smartfin who was supposed to be a warrior, but misbehaved often enough to get held back from his warrior's ceremony). This was when she met her best friend, Seaweedtail. Her apprenticeship was satisfying, the fact being was she was the fastest and just mastered the moves very quickly. Her mentor was Waddlefoot (He was a little older than her and had loved her from the start...[he had pestered Iceflipper to mentor]) The day of her warrior ceremony everything changed... Smartfin used an explosive to kill her mother(he was banished). For whatever reason, Snowstar delayed the ceremony, making the elders superstitious. When she finally announced the deputy, it was past dawn and she named Icestorm (her warrior name) the deputy which shocked everyone. It was a rocky start, but the real test of her authority was when some foxes were discovered within the territory and that Smartfin intended to use them. She organized (since Snowstar had gone nuts, knowing that her life would end soon and that she would have to confirm what Rushingwater [her sister and the medicine penguin] had told Icestorm about her family) a decoy of several penguins including herself to send the pack of foxes of the cliffs on the Ice clan/ Wind clan border while the rest of her clan mates escaped to Grassy Hollow on the Storm clan border. She was the last to go, prepared to give up her life to save her clan. Suddenly, Smartfin jumped out of nowhere and pinned her. The spat venom at each other and then Smartfin left his nemesis for the approaching foxes. Icestorm thought it was all over, but Snowstar saved her and 'accidentally' fell off the cliff. Icestorm jumped after her, but did not have enough strength to help her to the bank of the river (River of the Pointed Stones)...the river was fast and the pointed stones had torn a gash in Snowstar's side and she had recently dealt with a bout of green cough. Fortunately, Breezestar and Pinkfeather (Pinkstar's warrior name) were there to help and they helped Icestorm bring the dying leader to the Wind clan bank. But it was too late...Snowstar was losing her ninth life...but not before she and Breezestar revealed the truth about Icestorm and Pinkfeather's actual parents...which was their selves. Being leader was a new challenge for Icestar. Things started out fine but went slightly downhill: Breezestar and Seaweedfeather (her first deputy...she made Leopardfeather deputy then) died...among other deaths, Smartfin brought green things to the forest, and she found out she was expecting Waddleoot's chicks.  Once again with the help of the other leaders (Pinkstar, Bluestar, and Hurricanestar), they vanquished the green things (Hurricanestar dying in the process and Smartfin was killed (not before he vowed to make Icestar's life miserable). After that, Icestar dealt with twoflippers (humans), an icethaw flood, and, of course, her chicks. Naturally, more trouble came her way. Smartfin's son with his mate Dirt, Shred, came to the island plotting to take it over with his buddies in Barren Ice and his 'Barren clan' recruits. They had several skirmishes (some at Gatherings) and the other three leaders ended up dying at one time or another. Close to the end (Icestar hand nightmares about was not uncommon for her to have nightmares), Shred set Ice clan territory on fire. The whole of Ice clan managed to escape to the lower Wind clan territory, but Waterchick got stuck up in a burning tree after being dared by his sister, Seaweedchick, to climb to the top. Icestar managed to get him down, but just as she threw him the branch snapped (she was high in the tree) and she fell suffering serious injuries. Heronflight, the medicine penguin after Rushingwater, could not save her. She died a hero. After her death, she helped her daughters, Jadefern and Snowcrystal defeat Shred. She now awaits the next 'big' prophecy.
Mate: Waddlefoot
Family: Snowstar (mother, Ice clan), Breezestar (father, Wind clan), Pinkstar (older sister [by about a moon], Wind clan), Waddlefoot (mate, Ice clan), Jadefern (daughter, Ice clan), Snowcrystal (daughter, Ice clan)
Other: she can see the past and has nightmares about the (sometimes possible) future

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