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Post by Madeline26 on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:39 pm

For your convenience (and for my sanity), here's a consolidated list of my characters:


Konanca* (COA [book series of mine], The Alinko: Protectors of Ràku)
Tervak* (COA [book series of mine], The Alinko: Protectors of Ràku)
Habachachi* (COA [book series of mine])
Kila* (COA [book series of mine], The Alinko: Protectors of Ràku)
Kie* (COA [book series of mine])

All other Ràkuni/ COA characters have some statistics about them in a post in Madeline's Story Collection

Other Aliens:
Mira Kikaridge/ Mirror* (The Dark City)
Madeline (Shattered Trust)
Aluik (Star Wars)
Aman (Star Trek)
Finoi (Star Trek)
Sinra (Star Trek)
Janom (Star Trek)
Gaia (as the gaiaphage) (What Happens After Dark)
Heksebete (Beta) (Island 11 Twice Over)

Sam Zanen* (COA [book series of mine], The Alinko: Protectors of Ràku)
Celesta (Pork Chop Wars*, Magic Butterfly)
Luna Moon (Pork Chop Wars)
Taito (Pork Chop Wars)
Akaito (Pork Chop Wars)
Baki (Pork Chop Wars)
Master Nola (Pork Chop Wars)
Master Kiy (Pork Chop Wars)
The Banana Walkers(Jr/Sr) (Pork Chop Wars)
Sila (Pork Chop Wars)
Madelena* (Mission Impossible)
Carlos (Mission Impossible)
Josefina (Mission Impossible)
Jada (Mission Impossible)
Sierra (Mission Impossible)
Graciela (Mission Impossible)
Anastacia (Mission Impossible)
Catalina (Mission Impossible)
Isabel (Mission Impossible)
Samuel (Hawaii 5-0)
Lucas (Hawaii 5-0)
Grace (Hawaii 5-0)
Jacob* (Hawaii 5-0)
Robert (Hawaii 5-0)
Nicholas (Hawaii 5-0)
Susana (Hawaii 5-0)
Asaki (Hawaii 5-0)
Mrs. McMarmot (Hawaii 5-0)
Julia (Hawaii 5-0)
Officer Paiz (Hawaii 5-0)
Rebecca (Hawaii 5-0)
Okava (Land of the Spirit Friends)
Filko (Land of the Spirit Friends)
Malia (deceased) (Land of the Spirit Friends)
Ahki (deceased)  (Land of the Spirit Friends)
Lyriu (Guardians of the Stars)
Sammen (Secret Story)
Anastasia (Secret Story)
Alicia (Secret Story)
Norman (Secret Story)
Eliza (Secret Story)
Marikla (Astronomy Adventures)
Madeline (Magic Butterfly,  Protectors of Germany, Games of Disturbia, Circle Justice, Prank Wars, Star Trek, Rise of a New Age, The Wild Wet is Back)
Luminara (both versions of Secret Biosphere)
Ivory Sunrei (both versions of Secret Biosphere)
Solak (Wolf Riders, Test)
Kajira (Wolf Riders)
Haji Mirol (Pokemon Academy, Journey, Dangerous Tale)
Xeka (Animal Exchange)
Maximus Meridius Decimus (Ancient Empires: Rome)
Marcus Aurelius (Ancient Empires: Rome)
Isis (Ancient Empires: Egypt)
Zahi (Ancient Empires: Egypt)
Artemisia (Ancient Empires: Greece)
Ulysses (Ancient Empires: Greece)
Natalia (Jungles of Pandora)
Acroyali (New World)
Kejima (Musical Protectors)
Polu (Musical Protectors)
Aurora (Magical Place, Underland Tales)
Nick (Underland Tales)
Hakama Neuri (Scientist Adventures)
Salira Onehk (Scientist Adventures)
Naji Olj (Scientist Adventures)
Yuo Vafir (Scientist Adventures)
Helena Vale (Scientist Adventures)
Indiana Jones (Games of Disturbia)
Short Round (Games of Disturbia)
Jasmine (Hollow Trials)
Acacia (Hollow Trials)
Andrew (Hollow Trials)
Miagi (Hollow Trials)
Norma Heartfellow (Hollow Trials)
Harrison Kinkson (Hollow Trials)
Nico (Hollow Trials)
Francesca (Hollow Trials)
Aklara (World Out Of Balance)
Tanimi (World Out Of Balance)
Xevari (Star Wars)
Benedict (When Hope Fails)
Elizabeth (When Hope Fails)
Brandon (Star Trek)
Jaka (Star Trek)
Jakaja (Land of Anamaria)
Sam Temple (What Happens After Dark)
Caine Soren (What Happens After Dark)
Lana Arwen Lazar (What Happens After Dark)
Baikala (random leopard game)
Ghost (Everlasting Night: The Ghost Dog's Lair)
Orchid (Island 11 Twice Over)
Anna Shimmon(Greek Clash I and II)
Kalama (Digiversion)
Zouki (Digiversion)
Mistara (Mist Portal)

Shape-Shifters (non-Ràkuni):
Sorica Neya/ Ikira (Tribe of Elements)
Norik Menilo/ Teko (Tribe of Elements)
Wjam Jytr/ Havak (Tribe of Elements)
Celena Fesac/ Lali (Tribe of Elements)
Cygna Deminos/ Kali (Tribe of Elements)
Artemis/ Iridescent Starlight (all of Three Lupans)
Velocity (Changing Spirit)
Iris Nehka (Changing Spirit)
Dhiren [Ren] Rajaram (What Happens After Dark)
Kishan Rajaram (What Happens After Dark)
Drake Merwin/ Brittney (What Happens After Dark)
Pulsar (PokeHumans)
Magnetar (PokeHumans)
Fusion (PokeHumans)
Nebula (PokeHumans)
Proton (PokeHumans)
Corona (PokeHumans)
Nitrogen (PokeHumans)
Horizon (PokeHumans)
Xenon (PokeHumans)
Neutron (PokeHumans)
Comet (PokeHumans)
Electron (PokeHumans)
Madeline (Zodiac Warriors)

Namaca (Element Fairies)
Tiko (Element Fairies)
Starry Constellation (My Story)

Icestar* (Penguintopia [book series of mine])
Starlightthunder** (Penguins vs. Wild)
Blackberrytalon (Penguins vs. Wild)
Marineforest (Penguins vs. Wild)
Stormywind (Penguins vs. Wild)
Shadymidnight (Penguins vs. Wild)
Glacierfish (Penguins vs. Wild)
Whirlfeather (Penguins vs. Wild)
Icebergclimber (Penguins vs. Wild)
Glowingbeetle (Penguins vs. Wild)
Sunsetprimrose (Penguins vs. Wild)
Amberanemone (Penguins vs. Wild)
Porcupinefeather (Penguins vs. Wild)
Redpanda (Penguins vs. Wild)
Tsunamifire (Penguins vs. Wild)
Costalcrystal (Penguins vs. Wild)
Koimist (Penguins vs. Wild)
Wolverineclaw (Penguins vs. Wild)
Luminousmoon (Penguins vs. Wild)

Other Birds:
Tekla (Guardians of the Stars)
Regn (Secret Story)
Toucan/ Mighty Eagle (Angry Birds)
Quasar (Land of Anamaria)
Quark (Land of Anamaria)

Domestic Cats:
Thunderrain* (MytheralClan)
Cloudyfox (MytheralClan)
Snowflakedrift (MytheralClan)
Hurricanesprint (MytheralClan)
Echoblossom (MytheralClan)
Rushingwind (MytheralClan)
Parrotsong (MytheralClan)
Blueshine (MytheralClan)
Rainblossom (MytheralClan)
Junglefirefly (MytheralClan)
Typhoonhawk (MytheralClan)
Radianthibiscus (MytheralClan)
Cobrajump (MytheralClan)
Pythonshade (MytheralClan)
Spidersquirrel (MytheralClan)
Sunlight (Farm Cats)
Heron (Farm Cats)
Eagle (Farm Cats)
Hawk (Farm Cats)
Sundance (Dawn of the Brave)
Liontalon (Dawn of the Brave)
Braveheart (Dawn of the Brave)
Moonlightspirit** (BrightClan)
Vinefrost (BrightClan)
Leaflight (BrightClan)
Cloudysky (BrightClan)
Snowstorm (Magical Place)
Marinelightning (Massive Thunderstorm)
Fishtree (Massive Thunderstorm)
Stormicicle (Massive Thunderstorm)
Flowerfissure (Massive Thunderstorm)
Beekit (Massive Thunderstorm)
Caterpillarfire (Massive Thunderstorm)
Viperflower (PoppyClan)
Spottedocean (ShiaClan)
Duskpython (Snake Prophecies)
Nala (Redwall)

Snow Leopards:
Winterstrum (Protectors of Germany)
Jeka (Musical Protectors)

Other Non-Domestic Cats:
Kiro (Guardians of the Stars)
Lalika (Wolf Riders)
Spirit (Legend of Broken, Dragonsong)
Whiteout (Land of Anamaria)
Black Hole (Land of Anamaria)
Kalia (random leopard game)
Bangali (Zodiac Warriors)

Marsh (Secret Story)
Mist (Secret Story)

Sea Creatures:
Riptide (Land of Anamaria)
Cascade (Land of Anamaria)
Bubble (Redwall)

Eclipse (Underland Tales)
Thor (Underland Tales)

Alvorlig (Secret Story)
Trueno (Secret Story)
Relámpago (Secret Story)

Flicker (Land of Anamaria)
Toqei (Musical Protectors)

Rain (The Wild West is Back)
Spirit (The Wild West is Back)
Cirrus (The Wild West is Back)
Stratus (The Wild West is Back)
Galaxy (The Wild West is Back)

Rain (Wolf Riders)
Spirit (Wolf Riders)
Cirrus (Wolf Riders)
Stratus (Wolf Riders)
Blossom (Land of Anamaria)
Sal (Greek Clash II)

Silver Aurora (In Dracon's Words)
Fiery Night (In Dracon's Words)
Aloae (random dragon game)
Starlightthunder [Starlight] (Quest of Destruction)
Furen (Element Fairies)

Constellation (both Tribe RPGs)
Magnet (both Tribe RPGs)
Nebula (both Tribe RPGs)
Orbit (both Tribe RPGs)
Horizon (both Tribe RPGs)

Taleal (Wolf Riders, Test)
Loik (Wolf Riders)
Mira (Mysterious Caves, Wolves of the Spirit)
Soru (Mysterious Caves, Wolves of the Spirit)
Leik (Volcanic Eruption, Wolves of the Spirit)
Stormy (Internet Wolves)
Kitari (Wolves of Isthala)
Lumara (Wolves of Isthala)
Noktik (Wolves of Isthala)
Kimar (Wolves of Isthala)
Cirra (will be used in Fourth World)
Hades (Redwall)

Ice Jade (Rainirshi)
Storm Fire (Rainirshi)
Lightning Moon (Rainirshi)
Crystal Spirit (Rainirshi)
Fire Snow (Rainirshi)
Sun Ice (Rainirshi)
Shard [Moon] Climber (Shihari)
Fire Sky (Shihari)
Storm Caller (Shihari)
Sky Shard (Shihari)
Flame Climber (Shihari)
Climbing Sky (Shihari)
Golden Shard (Glacice)
Turtle Flare (Glacice)
Sunny Bracken (Glacice)
Ice Apple (Glacice)
Apple Branch (Glacice)
Dragon Flower (Glacice)

Moonlightglacier (MerClan)
Stormylake (MerClan)
Thunderfall (MerClan)
Echosnow (MerClan)

Pulsar (Pokemon Recue Team, Fire Within)
Magnetar (Pokemon Recue Team)
Fusion (Pokemon Recue Team)
Nebula (Pokemon Recue Team)
Proton (Pokemon Recue Team)
Corona (Pokemon Recue Team)
Nitrogen (Pokemon Recue Team)
Horizon (Pokemon Recue Team)
Xenon (Pokemon Recue Team)
Neutron (Pokemon Recue Team)
Comet (Pokemon Recue Team, Fire Within)
Electron (Pokemon Recue Team)

Penguinmon (Digiversion)
Dracomon (Digiversion)

Animal Hybrids:
Quantum (both versions of Secret Biosphere)
Spyglass (New World)
Everest (Mission Impossible)
Slash (Land of Anamaria)
Silver Star (from Animal Crossings, RPG to be determined)

Avatarian (Last Airbender) 'Animals':
Jali (World Out Of Balance)
Heka (World Out Of Balance)
Gojo (World Out Of Balance)

Other Animals:
Bennett- monkey (Pork Chop Wars)
Loraka- butterfly (Element Fairies)
Velocity- velociraptor(Rise of a New Age)
Midnight- polar bear (Land of Anamaria)
Lightning- coyote (Land of Anamaria)
Dune- giraffe (Land ofAnamaria)
Ragnar- badger (Redwall)
Tony- satyr (Greek Clash II)

Human Mutations:
Ocela (Secret of the Bat/Cats)
Monica (The Hybrids)
James (The Hybrids)

Constellational Zodiac:
Aquila (Draco's Attack)
Aquarius (Draco's Attack)
Perseus (Draco's Attack)

Auroraspirit (MytheralClan)
Demonspirit (MytheralClan)
Everest (Land of the Spirit Friends)
Lluvia (Land of the Spirit Friends)
Tormi (Land of the Spirit Friends)
Cao (Land of the Spirit Friends)
Elizabeth (Touched By a Spirit)
Jane (Touched By a Spirit)
Matthew (Touched By a Spirit)
Cameron (Touched By a Spirit)
Invisible Jar Jar Binks (Pork Chop Wars)
Incartatum (Wolf Riders)
Iluminara (Wolf Riders)

Spirits From Solara:
Bobby Pendragon (Territories of Halla, Change of Heart, What Happens After Dark)
Loor (Territories of Halla)
Alder (Territories of Halla)
Kasha (Territories of Halla)
Anastasia (Territories of Halla)
Nicholas (Territories of Halla)
Lauren (Territories of Halla)
Nitrio (Territories of Halla)
Nimia (Territories of Halla)
Hajo (Territories of Halla)
Yela (Territories of Halla)
Albij (Territories of Halla)
Nouma (Territories of Halla)
Rakan (Territories of Halla)

*= means they have a bio on this forum
**= bio is in my profile

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