Konanca Kulmao: A Character From 'The Chronicles of Asylum'

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Konanca Kulmao: A Character From 'The Chronicles of Asylum' Empty Konanca Kulmao: A Character From 'The Chronicles of Asylum'

Post by Madeline26 on Tue May 14, 2013 9:56 pm

This is one of my characters from my series, The Chronicles of Asylum. I wanted to do this for the heck of it.

Name: Konanca Kulmao
Age: (at the current point of the books) 22
Gender: female
Creature: Ràkuni (she's not exactly human...her race has two more chromosomes and is from the planet, Ràku)
Appearance: she has an Indian like complexion, midnight black hair that ends at her midback, silver tinged blue eyes, and is 6 ft. 6 in. tall
Alternate Appearance: a snow leopard
Personality: she is kind, intelligent, and a great leader dispite being young...however, she has anger issues that she takes meds for (although she sometimes breaks it's influence by accident)
Abilities: shape-shifter (see alternate appearance)
History: Konanca was born the oldest of 6 children to a poor family in a small mountain village on Sora Cloi (highet Ràkuni mountain) called Ikuiri ('high place' in Ràkuni) in the Narik Province. She lived a relatively happy childhood playing with her siblings and friends after doing chores and caring for the family yak herd despite her known anger issues. (Her parents could never afford medication to help...she went without it until she was 12) She and her siblings often climbed the mountain with their father to preform for climbers and learn the mountain routes. She has summited Sora Cloi several times. When she was 12, Iní, the local Protector discovered that she could become a snow leopard after she got mad at Ivok and accidentally killed a family yak. She was taken to Qalik, the capital, to train with the Alinko ('protectors' in Ràkuni) and was inducted when she was 18. When she was 19, she became the Lead Protector. Since then, she has been fighting Kwantis ('bringers of the apocalypse') to save all the planets. Her long time friend, Tervak, was killed and soon after was captured herself and tortured. When she was rescued, she continued to fight and ultimately, with Sam's help, saved the planets and recovered and translated the ancient Viric Texts(texts that tell of magic). Currently, she is helping Silvaki raise her twins after, her husband, Jirkov's death and is still the Lead Protector and will be for years to come. Unfortunately, she still has nightmares about her tortures and will never fully heal emotionally. (To learn more about what happened to her during the Kwantis-Alinko Civil War, read my series)
Crush: She's in love with a man of her age and from the village 500 ft down, Stirmi, named Tervak Altikir. However, an Earthling named Sam likes her too. (she's pretty and has quite a few suitors...)
Family: Uju (father), Kiye (mother), Adolak (19, brother), Iliri (sister, 19, Adolak's twin), Alora (sister, 17), Noritov (brother, 16), Ivok (brother, 14)
Other: Her anger issues are caused by a mysterious genetic disorder called Minkai Syndrome. It's caused when a certain gene loses more than 50% of it's DNA.

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