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Post by Sapphire Opal on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:30 pm

In the year 5031, there was a girl named Iris. Iris loved animals, but she never got to see very many because of the genetic engineering that the government had going on at Base Six. She thought this was cruel to the animals and decided to put a stop to it. Managing to recruit a small band of her friends, she led a heist to free the captives. The group of teenagers traveled for days before reaching Base Six. In the dark of night, Iris & Co. broke into the lab. As soon as they were inside, strange voices, pleading for help, gathered in Iris's head. She could communicate telepathically with the animals! Using her newfound power, she managed to calm them as she and her friends began to unlock the thousands of cages. The alarms had sounded, though, and the group was only able to rescue a few hundred animals. They fled the scene and hid in the woods. Now the year is 5042. On a forested island, far away from Base Six and the mainland, Iris and her friends have built a huge biosphere. In the biosphere, all of the animals live in spacious habitats, designed specifically for their species, as do the humans. Each day, new animals are brought in to the biosphere. With every creature, their force becomes stronger. One day soon, they will attack Base Six and free all those who were left behind.

You are a person working either for the government or the Biosphere.

1. Animal species may only have minor powers if any.
2. Only make as many characters as you can keep track of.
3. Make as many animal species as you like.
4. Keep the humans realist, for the most part. (No wings)
5. Be creative and have fun. Smile

Secret Question to Join
How long ago did Iris and her friends attack Base Six.

Government Jobs
FBI Agent- Search for the Biosphere from the government's side
Spy- Work with the FBI
Lab Worker- Work in the lab at Base Six

Biosphere Jobs
Director- Founders of the Biosphere (Only 4. See Character Adoption Center to roleplay as one.)
Search-and-Rescue- Search for injured or escaped animals on the mainland and bring them to the Biosphere.
Healer- Treat sick and injured animals and workers
Genetics Research- Work in the genetics field, understanding more about certain species, creating new species, etc...
Habitat Design- Design and build habitats for the animals
Nursery Worker- Care for baby animals until they're old enough to join their own kind.
Spy- Spy on Base Six for the Biosphere
Animal Trainer- Train the animals for battle



Name: Ivory Sunrei ~ Madeline
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Job: Director
Appearance: A medium height girl with golden tinted skin. She has straight black hair that just passes her shoulders and her eyes are storm cloud gray. She looks slightly Asian.
How you came to the Biosphere: Ivory is one of the 4 founders.
Crush: Open
Other: Character created by Laura.

Name: Luminara ~ Madeline
Gender: female
Age: 26
Job: genetic research...she's very good at science (especially genetics, paleontology/evolution and astronomy (which is more of a hobby)
Appearance: Indian/Thai complexioned girl with silver tinged blue eyes and midnight black mid back length hair
How you came to the Biosphere: stumbled upon it when researching wildlife on her own
Crush: N/A
Other: She has been here for six years.

Name:Quantum ~ Madeline
Gender: female
Species: modified snow leopard
Appearance: A snow leopard with a pelt that resembles a star map. Constellations and planets swirl around her fur in a living dance that mirrors the movements of the real ones. Two hawk wings arch from her shoulders and her claws are long and hard as diamond, enabling her to climb up straight up a wall if need be.
Abilities: Also she can spit acid that can burn through a steel wall in a matter of moments and knows the answer to any scientific or mathematical problem that is thrown at her, no matter how hard. She can also talk.
How you came to the Biosphere: was created by Luminara
Family: N/A
Other: Is a bit sarcastic at times and won't miss a chance to attack someone, but listens to Luminara. Also, she is very mouthy and uses some profane language (that gets her into trouble a lot).

b]Name: [/b] Valkyrie
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Job: She doesn't have one yet, she loves animals and could not bear to choose just one final job. She has a talent for healing and also has a natural calming ability. Loves Search and Rescue because she has a taste for adventure
Appearance: A tall fair skinned girl with straw gold hair that goes down to her waist and bright blue eyes that are flecked with gold she wears a blue tunic and leggings loves the outdoors
Other: . The other reason she did not take a job was because she was once a Worker at Base Six. She tried to escape with a bunch of her animal friends but only she Benny, Lumar, Whitefire, Mirling, Batwolf. Rigo and Spirit escaped
How you came to the Biosphere: Hasn't arrived yet, ran away from Base Six with some of her animal friends after they tested chemicals on her. Unknown how she got to the island
Crush: None
Other: There are side effects from the chemicals they tested her on. Super Strength at times and random surges of hostility to name two. Also might have mental damage.

Name: Benny
Gender: Male
Species: Winged Yorkie
Appearance: Bigger than most Yorkie's with small wings coming out of his shoulder and fur of different colors
Abilities: Flight, speech, super tantrums
How you came to the Biosphere: Came with Valkyrie
Family: None

Species Name: Dogsprites
Scientific Name:
Appearance: Winged dogs
History: Created in Base Six
Diet: Omnivorous
Habitat: None
Behavior: Like dogs
Other: Can talk

Name: Lumar
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Appearance: . Humanoid, with black and tan fur and a long tail that he uses like a bludgeon at times
Abilities: . Telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation
How you came to the Biosphere: Came with Valkyrie
Family: None
Other: Cold and very unfriendly, was hit with a ray beam that saps his powers and his strength and would eventually kill him. He only trusts Valkyrie

Name: Whitefire
Gender: Female
Species: Kitsune
Appearance: A nine tailed giant fox with white fur
Abilities: Foxfire Speech
How you came to the Biosphere: Came with Valkyrie
Family: None
Other: . One of Valkyrie's best friends

Name: Spirit
Gender: Female
Species: Winged Wolf
Appearance: A pure white winged wolf with deep blue eyes. Her wings have a light pink rim and light blue feathers scattered with coral color. She has a rose mark on her forehead
Abilities: Flight a very sweet singing voice
How you came to the Biosphere: Came with Valkyrie
Family: None

Name: Mirling
Gender: Female
Species: Wolfcat
Appearance: A cream and brindle wolf creature with cat-like grace
Abilities: Unknown
How you came to the Biosphere: Came with Valkyrie
Family: None

Name: Rigo
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Appearance: A small humanoid creature with a pelt that looks like stained glass. His picture is in my artwork
Abilities: Super strength, others unknown
How you came to the Biosphere: Came with Valkyrie
Family: None
Other: Can't speak English, only a strange language that only Valkyrie and her friends seem to understand.

Name: Batwolf
Gender: Female
Species: Winged Wolf creature
Appearance: Humanoid, looks like a white wolf with bats wings
Abilities: Flight Sonic abilities, super speed
How you came to the Biosphere: Came with Valkyrie
Family: None

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