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Post by Sapphire Opal on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:41 pm

A group of small people live in a town underground.
Five months ago A group of rats appeared to threaten the lives of everyone there, but thanks to a group of children a lot of lives were saved from a meaningless battle.
But there are still tasks to be done, because not everyone is altogether comfortable with the Rats living among them.
1 You can make three main children characters and adults to be their parents.
2 Each one can be about three inches high.
3 You can pick a pet for each that will come later in the story a mouse, a rat, a turtle, a frog, a bird, a bat, a small dog. or some kind of insect.
4 They can be related if you want sisters.
5 No Wings magic powers wild skin or hair colors they look human.
6 You can make other animal characters if you wants like Rats and Mice there are spaces for Six Rats and Six Mice.
Little Ones
Amira a fair skinned girl with rosy red hair and blue eyes an orphan has no parents
Anastasia a fair skinned girl with brown eyes and straight brown hair (Madeline)
Alicia Anastasia’s twin with the same fair skin brown hair and brown eyes the only difference Alicia is blind in one eye it is cloudy (Madeline)
Sammen a tan skinned girl with bushy brown hair an orphan adopted probably Norwegian (Madeline)
Norman and Eliza Mother and Father of Anastasia Alicia and Sammen
Marsh a small turtle Anastasia’s pet
Mist A small turtle Alicia’s pet
Regn a bird Sammen’s pet
Maribet a small black bat with a white patch on her chest in the shape of a heart Amira’s pet

Amarte the rat leader a black male with a ragged ear and a scar across one eye rat friend to Amira
Alvorlig is serious only when he needs to be mischievous the rest of the time Sammen’s rat friend
Trueno a gray and orange male rat Anastasia's rat friend.
Relámpago a yellow and white female rat. Alica's rat friend. She acts like her guide dog


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