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No one knows of a secret race of creatures that live below the city. Roaming subway tunnels and sewers, exploring forgotten tunnels and caverns. The Bat/Cats a mutated race of once humans, chased below ground when the first of their kind was created. Eight humans, innocent Bystanders were unlucky enough to be at a doctors office when a vial slipped out of a careless assistants hands. The vial exploded on the floor, allowing the liquid inside to escape. On contact with the floor the chemicals hissed and turned into a thick green gas. The thirteen people caught in the smog, The assistant, the young receptionist and the eleven patients (Two teenagers a married couple expecting their first child, a mother with her two children and an Orphanage matron with three orphans.) began to choke and cough. The doctor safe in his office, watched in horror as before his eyes the people began to change. Before fifteen minutes had passed they had grown taller, black bats wings tearing from their backs to knock loose items from the counter-top. As the people contorted, fur sprouts from skin and their teeth lengthened and sharpened. By the time the gas cleared all the humans had turned into Bat/Cats. Alas a drunken delivery man had delivered the wrong package. What the assistant thought was a harmless flue vaccine was really a fast acting, very powerful mutagen that turned ordinary people into monsters. Pursed and hunted the Bat/Cats fled to the underground, taking with them a dog that had come into the office in search for food and had been changed as well. Setting their home in the dark tunnels, they promised each other never to return.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~20 YEARS LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
20 years had passed since the first Bat/Cats had fled to the sewers. 20 years of peaceful existence, living a simple life off the food they grew and hunted from the tunnels. But now toxic chemicals and poisonous gasses have begun to pour into the caves they call home and the small clan must make a decision. Reveal themselves to the people above and risk captivity or stay in the tunnels and die.

Bat/Cats are humanoid cat people with large bat wings. They look human and can talk but have all the features of wild cats. They can fly but are better at gliding on wind currants. (When in the upside world)

Note: any cross of species are okay for however unreal in the natural word since they are mutations its fine.
Also Bat/Cats can speak the language of humans cats and bats.

Join form.
Types of Cats (or cat):


Name: Cheela (Likes to be called Ginger.)
Age: 15
Gender: female
Description: a tall girl with long blond hair. Her fur is a golden straw color with black spots and black rings on her tail. Has black tips on her ears and black bats wings. She wears a sea blue stomach length t-shirt with cutoff violet purple leggings and a periwinkle tail bracelet.
Type of cat: Cheetah with lionfish features and a little bit of tiger probably some caracal but that is unknown
Personality: Sweet and kind but has fire in her spirit
Family: A sister named Caracalia.
Mother: Sally a caracal cheetah cross one of the first Bat/cats .
Father: Samuel a Liger one of the first Bat/Cats
Other: She can sense emotions, run really fast and climb like a tiger.

Name: Caracalia
Age: 19
Gender: female
Description: A tall girl with shoulder length red hair. Her fur is light tan with black and white tufts on her ears and a long tail which symbolizes her lion blood. Also has long black bats wings. Wears a stomach length light pink t-shirt and cutoff blue jeans. Also has a bright blue headband.
Type of cat: Caracal with probably three other types mixed in.
Personality: Fierce and no nonsense
Family: A sister named Cheela.
Mother: Sally a caracal cheetah cross one of the first Bat/cats .
Father: Samuel a Liger one of the first Bat/Cats
Crush: Mikey a leopard jaguar cross.
Other: She can leap really high

Name: Ocela
Age: 26
Gender: female
Description: tall girl with dark brown hair, ocelot colored fur, and silver bat wings
Types of Cats: ocelot
Personality: kind but her mood can change quickly
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Crush: A.J. (she's likes him even though he's 7 years younger and is waiting for him to be of age)
Mate: none
Cubs: none
Other: she can see the past and future and has the skills of and ocelot

Gender: female
Description:tan fur blotched with orange with black stripes
Types of Cat:tiger
Personality:Gentle and kind
Other: She's a golden Retriever red setter cross

Gender: male
Description:black and brown fur blotched with tan
Types of Cat:lion
Personality:Gentle and kind
Other: He's a Doberman Pinscher

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