BRIGHTCLAN~~ A Warrior Cats Role-Play

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 BRIGHTCLAN~~ A Warrior Cats Role-Play Empty BRIGHTCLAN~~ A Warrior Cats Role-Play

Post by Sapphire Opal on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:54 pm

Welcome to Brightclan. A Warrior clan of cats that have wings and special powers. You can make as many cats as you like. There can be unlimited Deputies and Medicine Cats. To join just fill out the form below.
Have Fun:)

Cat’s name:
Eye color:

Clan Camp: A willow shaded hollow by the edge of a lake is rather large and very beautiful can only be accessed by a tunnel under one willow tree.

Warriors Den A den near the camp entrance.

Apprentices Den. Right next to the warriors den.

Medicine Cats Den in a hollow near the lake a trickle of water runs down the wall to provide water and keep the herbs fresh.

Nursery A hollow under a willow tree.

Leaders Den: A network of interlacing vines up in the branches of the tallest willow.”

Icetree: A tree forever frozen in ice has a hollow truck with many tunnels going through it cats go there to have fun sliding along the tunnels:)

Lake Cavern: A crystal cavern under the lake is a beautiful peaceful place where cats go to relax and share tongues with Mercats (More on that below).

Star Peak: a spire of rock on the top of a hill a good place to sit and watch the stars also a good place to practice diving into the lake.

Jungle Hollow: the place where Warriors take their Apprentices to train.


Leader: Sparkingstar- a pure white she-cat with sparks of yellow orange and red in her fur and same colored wings She can start and stop fires

Deputies: Soulheart- a pure white she-cat with blue eyes streaks of gold and silver on her flanks and a red patch on her chest with emerald front claw and obsidian back ones her wings are white. She can turn things into emerald or obsidian statues and make stone things come alive.
Moonlightspirit a blue white and yellow she-cat with silver dashing markings and silver wings. Can see the past and future. She has a star marking that glows white when she uses her power.

Medicine Cats: Redberry- a pure red she-cat with black spots the size of blackberry's peppering her from nose to tail. She can tell instantly what is wrong with a cat.

Medicine Cat Apprentices:

Wolfsoul- a gray she-cat with silver flanks and silver stripes on her shoulders and ghost blue eyes. Can see spirits and do various other things.

Rainbowlily- A Rainbow she-cat with iridescent eyes and a star mark on her forehead. Can use Rainbow powers

Whispersky a light blue she-cat with blue paws, wings, and a white stomach. Can hear the tiniest whisper.

Riverreed- a black he-cat with green eyes formerly of Splashingclan. Can control water

Vinefrost- a green tom with white vine markings and white wings, has super speed

Leaflight- a light green she-cat with yellow streaks and blue wings, she can control wind;

Cloudsky- a white tom with fluffy blue cloud patches, he can summon cloud

Stormpaw- a gray she-cat with silver stripes and red eyes. Mentor Wolfsoul. (Stormeyes) Can create storms.

Jaylight- a blue she-cat with white stripes and blue eyes mother of Brightkit and Honeykit (Adopted) Can communicate with birds.


Brightkit- a white she-kit with tan patches and white blind eyes (Brightsoul) Can see farther then any cat.

Honeykit- a honey rose cream she-kit with one blue eye that can see spirits and one pink eye that can see for coming danger is an adopted kit. (Honeyflower)

Future kits:
Gentlekit- a pure white she-cat with blue wings . (Gentlesong) Can stop fighting

Moonkit- same as her sister Gentlekit (Moonpetal) When the full moon shines she becomes Mooncat.

Rosekit- a pale pink she-kit with white spots in her fur and blue ones on her wing feathers (Rosestorm) Can make plants grow.

Cherrykit- a red she-kit with a green spot on her forehead same power as Rosekit (Cherryflower)

Stormkit- a gray he-kit with white blue and yellow eyes (Stormshatter) Can stop storms.

Pearlkit- an iridescent she-kit with opal feathers on her wings (Pearlsky) Can freeze things.

Snow kit- a white she-kit with blue eyes (Snowberry) Can make it snow.

Marekit- a black she-kit with midnight wings and rainbow opal eyes. (Maredawn) Can predict Prophecies and change them.

Clawkit- a white she-kit with black slashes running through her fur (Clawdream) Can see into other cats dreams and turn them into nightmares


Loners: Magnesium: A bronze he-cat with brown eyes can detect metal ores.

Kittypets: Pipette a white she-cat with blue eyes

StarClan Cats:
Songfissure- beautiful white orange and yellow she cat with iridescent white wings and dark green eyes and a scar down her back and up her shoulder

Fawndapple a pretty fawn colored she-cat with pure white spots dappling over her pelt and sea blue eyes Rainbowlily's best friend when she was alive. Can speak to different animals.

Eaglepelt: A black tom with a white head, white tips to his wing feathers and golden eyes. Was the fastest flying in the clan. Killed when a party of Rogues invaded.

Rainbowflower: Starclan warrior. Rainbowlily's mother was a medicine cat, looked like Rainbowlily. Died when a fox broke in to the camp. Was the best healer of her time.

Ripplekit: A light blue she-kit with a snow white chest and underbelly and dappling ripple marks all over her pelt. Her eyes are pure green. Died when a fox broke into the camp. Would have been able to control water

Silverkit: A silver she-kit with tarnished metal wing feathers metal teeth and claws and blue eyes. Died when a fox broke into the camp. Would have been able to lengthen her teeth and claws and manipulate metal
Dark Forest Warriors:
Hawkclaw- a brown and red tom with black wings

Darkheart- a black tom with a silver mark on his forehead and a blue underbelly a scar crosses over the silver mark and glows whenever his powers surge.

Hawksnarl: A brown and tan tom with a scar over his face making it look like he's always snarling.

Riverreed has a crush on Wolfsoul
Moonlightspirit and Vinefrost are mates.

Also you can make a few Mercats that would live in the lake.
Example: Rainbowdancer- a black she-mer with pearl hues in her fur scarlet tanager wing patches on her shoulders rainbow scales on her tail and blue red eyes

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