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Moonlightspirit: Deputy of BrightClan Empty Moonlightspirit: Deputy of BrightClan

Post by Madeline26 on Wed May 15, 2013 6:03 pm

Name: Moonlightspirit
Gender: female
Age: middle cat terms
Creature: cat
Description: blue, white, and yellow she-cat with silver dashing (Star Wars hyperspeed) markings and silver wings with silver tinged blue eyes
History: Moonlightspirit was born on a clear night. The camp was attacked that night by another clan. Her father died protecting her mother, but her mother and her sister and brother died before the Redberry could save them. However, Songfissure, the medicine cat before Redberry, (Songfissure had been dead for about a moon) and her mother's sister appeared to Redberry. She spared Moonlightspirit's live, saving her from death by using the moonlight of that night to heal the kit (and thus gave Moonlightspirit her powers and the star mark she has [it marks the spot where the moonlight beam hit her]). She told Redberry that Moonlightspirit was destined to do great things and her death that night would have meant the end of Bright Clan. She warned that as a side effect to her healing, she would bear the burden of a barely controllable anger. Also, she warned that something bad would almost always follow her and that her life would be dedicated to the clan's as a way to give back to StarClan for life...seeing that she was destined for great things anyways. The clan mourned the four deaths that occurred that night but rejoiced in Moonlightkit's healing. (although none knew what Redberry had been told except for the leader and deputy). Moonlightkit was raised by another mother, coincidentally enough the mother of Vinefrost (Vinefrost had been a moon older than her and had fallen in love with her not knowing of her destiny). Indeed, bad things followed Moonlightspirit throughout her kit hood and apprenticeship. As a kit, she was sick for the first three moons but recovered because of Songfissure's promise that she would one day become leader. Even then, as an apprentice she fell from a tree and broke one of her legs. Despite all of her misfortune, Vinefrost's love for her prevailed and Moonlightspirit in turn fell in love with him. Soon after her warrior ceremony, she found she was expecting kits. Both cats were full of joy at the blessing, but Moonlightspirit had known by then about the bargain Songfissure had made with her life and, unknown to the rest of the clan, was afraid for them. Those moons did not go smoothly for Moonlightspirit. Hawkclaw, a Dark Forest warrior (a nemesis of Songfissure's...he killed Songfissure by banging her head with a rock while she was sleeping...her clan mates had been too late to save her and banished him for his deed...he died two days later, killed by a wolverine), was afraid of her power and wanted to change her destiny (he had wanted to since the day she was born and is the reason for most of her misfortune). He wanted her power as well, but knew that Songfissure protected her. He tried three times to kill Moonlightspirit, but Songfissure saved her all three times and nearly died a second time on the third attempt on Moonlightspirit's life (he knew that Moonlightspirit's powers were the weakest on a night of no moon and strongest during the full moon). Hawkclaw didn't give up. He figured that he could use her anger against her and tried to break her control over it by setting a wolverine loose in the nearly killed her kits, Leaflight and Cloudsky, but once again, Songfissure saved the kits, knowing the damage would be irreparable if they were killed. While her kits were kits and apprentices, the attacks were small; Hawkclaw was building p to his next he hoped would succeed and he knew would kill Moonlightspirit's heart as much as the death of her kits. A moon or two after her kits became warriors, Sparkingstar came to her asking for her to become the second deputy. Soulheart had been watching her and she had told Sparkingstar that Moonlightspirit would be a good candidate for such a job. Moonllightspirit was overjoyed, knowing that her destiny was starting to fulfill itself. Deep inside, she knew that Hawkclaw was watching and she feared what he would do. However moons have passed and Hawkclaw has not struck yet. She is still deputy and knows that soon, very soon, Hawkclaw will strike. She hopes that somehow that Hawkclaw will not succeed and that if he does, Songfissure will help her overcome the side effects.
Personality: She's very kind, but a little shy about her personal feelings around clan mates other than Vinefrost and sometimes Rainbowlily. She has anger issues when someone makes her really mad and has to be careful around other clan mates.
Family: Vinefrost (mate): green with white vine markings and white wings, has super speed; Leaflight (daughter): light green with yellow streaks and blue wings, she can control wind; Cloudsky (son): white with fluffy blue cloud patches, he can summon cloud
Other: She can see the past and future. She has a star marking that glows white when she uses her power.

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