Starlightthunder: Leader of the New Penguin World

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Starlightthunder: Leader of the New Penguin World Empty Starlightthunder: Leader of the New Penguin World

Post by Madeline26 on Wed May 15, 2013 6:00 pm

Name: Starlightthunder
Gender: Female
Age: Young, but exact age is unknown
Creature: Penguin
Description: A black female penguin with dashing white stars (like hyper speed in Star Wars) and the occasional yellow lightning strike
History: Starlightthunder was born in Antarctica on a stormy night that turned to a starry night (it was prophesied that she was destined for higher things). Early on, she was told the Legends of the penguins and her grandfather told her of his adventures in other places (he went on explorations). Starlightthunder wanted to visit these places. Her mother and father were killed by a leopard seal soon after she moved out to see the Antarctic and beyond. After a couple moons of mournful wanderings, she met Blackberrytalon. They fell in love and two moons later, Marineforest and Stormywind, their chicks, hatched. (She met her best friend, Barberrywing, through Blackberrytalon.) Then, a tsunami came and swept the Antarctic penguins from their home and they woke up in a different land. They must learn how to survive. Starlightthunder is the leader of a rookery (penguin for 'clan') and Barberrywing is her right-hand penguin.
Personality: She's kind, clever, is easy to get along with, and knows of many things. She cannot be lied to because of her power and if you make her mad, she can have problems controlling it. The rest of the penguins are careful not to make her angry and she its very careful around other penguins so she does't accidentally kill them.
Family: : Blackberrytalon (mate), Marineforest (daughter), Stormywind (son)
Other: Can see the past and future

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