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Post by Sapphire Opal on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:57 pm

Water Earth Fire and Air. For centuries the four elements have lived in harmony. Watched over by the Avatar master of all four. But when the last Avatar died no successor as found and so the elements fell into disarray. Feuding broke out between the four nations and soon a war worse than the one that had happened back in history broke out. It will take something drastic to bring things back into balance and just maybe the Avatar can be found.
1 Only the Avatar can use all four elements
2 No changing Elements halfway through the role-play what you choose is what you have to stick with
3 You can make more than one character at a time with different elements
4 Have fun! Smile

Character Sheet
Bending Type:
Companion and other pets:

Bending Types


Waterbending ties to Bloodbending and Plantbending
Firebending ties to Lightning Generation and Redirection
Earthbending ties to Metalbending and Sandbending
Energybending. (Avatar only)



Name: Myra
Age: 14
Gender: female
Personality: Distant and not very trusting but friendly once you know her. Has lived alone for as long as she could remember
Description: A tall girl with waist length silver hair and different color eyes one being ice blue green and the other a rainbow fire color.
History: She has not said
Bending Type: Avatar master of all five.
Hobbies: None really
Family: None her mother was a WaterBender from the NOrthern Water Tribe her father a Firebender.
Companion and other pets: Has three Companions and two pets. Her companions are a Shirshu called Tsua. An Armadillo lion called Moarga and a giant Eelhound called Kai. Her pets are a small Catgator named Atar and an Armadillo wolf puppy called Kyra.
Other: She wears an eyepatch over one eye to hide the rainbow fire color because she used to get shunned for it. Also is immune to the poison of Shirshu.
Name: Aklara
Age: 18
Gender: female
Personality: quiet, doesn't trust many others, fiery temper
Description: Asian complexioned, tall, midnight black hair
History: Aklara was not always quiet and reserved. She had lived a happy life..that is, before her incident with the Fire Lord. She had been in the market, getting groceries, and was talking bad about the Fire Lord with her friends. What she didn't now was that there were undercover people who were keeping an eye out for those disloyal. She didn't know what she did until she got back home. Her house was torched and her family dead. She wandered alone and was befriended by , , a wandering airbender. She didn't trust her at first, but grew to like her. She doesn't trust any one she doesn't know...especially if they are of the Fire Nation.
Bending Type: fire
Hobbies: martial arts, poetry, incinerating enemies
Family: all dead...because she insulted the Fire Lord publicly (her family was high ranked, however, didn't like the Fire Lord either)
Companion and other pets: Jali: meerpenguin, Heka: small dragon(who nearly scorched her before they became friends)
Other: She wished she could bring back her

Name: Tanimi
Age: 18
Gender: female
Personality: quiet, friendly
Description: pale skinned girl with light brown hair
History: Tanimi has a similar story to Aklara, however, her family died from an ambush by the soldiers of the Fire Nation. SHe and Aklara had a chance meeting...they met in the Earth Kingdom when Aklara was practicing fire bending and almost incinerated her. They are going off together to try and find the Avatar. She doesn't trust very many people either, but is more friendly than Aklara.
Bending Type: air
Hobbies: art, martial arts
Family: none
Companion and other pets: Gojo: winged lemur
Other: likes to stargaze at night, longing to see her family again. She wants to find the Avatar so that she might bring them back.

Animal companions


A Shirshu called Tsua
An Armadillo lion calle Moarga
A Giant Eelhound called Kai
A small Catgator named Atar
A Armadillo Wolf puppy named Kyra.

See link below for a list of Creatures


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