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Penguins vs. Wild! Empty Penguins vs. Wild!

Post by Madeline26 on Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:16 pm

This role-play is called Penguins vs. Wild.

In this role-play, you use your penguin adoptables. Those penguins were swept away from Antarctica by a flood that consumed their costal home. Everyone became unconscious and when they woke up, they had all washed up on a temperate island with a couple different landscapes (more on that later). Everything is different and they have to learn how to survive in this new landscape. It's a little like the survival shows on Discovery Channel...hence the title. Well...can you learn to survive?

Characters (so far):
Starlightthunder: A black female penguin with dashing white stars (like hyper speed in Star Wars) and the occasional yellow lightning strike. (can see the past and future) [me]
Blackberrytalon: A dark blue and black male penguin. [me]
Marineforest: A blue green female penguin with light green leaf pattern. [me]
Stormywind: A dark gray male penguin with purple and white swirls. [me]
Barberrywing: A reddish she penguin with the power to make things grow. [Izabel]
Leaftalon: A white she-penguin who can read the stars. [Izabel]
Wavewing: A purple female penguin with blue eyes and a black stripe down her back.[Madie]
Chesnutbeak: A small brown male penguin with a dark brown spot on his beak.
Maplefeather: A maple colored female penguin with blue eyes
Smoothtalon: A grayish blue male penguin with black speckles all over his feathers.
Shadymidnight= a black and white penguin that has black and white splotches in side the opposite colors. (Madeline)
Iceclaw: A black male penguin with white claws and white tips to all his feathers. (Izabel)
Glacierfish= and orange penguin with large white triangles on his body. (Madeline)
Swirlingstorm: A white and gray male penguin with a swirling cloud mark on his side. (Like the eyes of a hurricane seen from above.) (Izabel)
Whirlfeather= a silver female penguin with white swirling patterns (Madeline)
Icebergclimber: a white female penguin with light blue shard marks. (Madeline)
Sparklingwave: A sparkling blue she-penguin with frost marks on her back. (Izabel)
Glowingbeetle= a black male penguin with flecks of brown and splotches of orange. (Madeline)
Riverfeather: A bluish she-penguin with rippleing marks on her feathers. (Izabel)
Sunsetprimrose= a sunset colored penguin (orange, pink, yellow, red) with a yellow evening primrose mark on her right shoulder. (Madeline)
Goldencoral: A golden and coral she-penguin with white feathers on her head. (Izabel)
Amberanemone= an amber, pink, and golden female penguin. (Madeline)
Moonclaw: An albino she-penguin with pure white feathers and red eyes she's a bit of an outcast (Izabel)
Pourcupinefeather= a brown and tan male penguin with seemingly spiky feathers. (Madeline)
Redpanda (very original)= a red male penguin with a bushy red and brown stripped back that makes him look like a porcupine! (Madeline)
Tsunamifire= a light blue male penguin with yellow dashes where his orange fire pattern isn't. (Madeline)
Costalcrystal= a blue and green female penguin with white crystalline shapes one her body. (Madeline)
Stormtalon: A storm gray male penguin with white lightning strikes on his feathers. (Izabel)
Foxfeather: A reddish orange male penguin. (Izabel)
Mapleclaw: A sunset colored she-penguin with a white mark on her beak. (Izabel)
Koimist= a golden female penguin with pale silver and gray splotches and a red circle on her head. (Madeline)
Dreameyes: A rainbow-shimmer colored she-penguin with a silver mark on her back; Barberrywing's sister. (Izabel)
Wolverineclaw= a brown and black male penguin with long claws. (Madeline)
Luminousmoon= a bright silver female penguin with golden speckles on her body. (Madeline)
Stonefeather- a grayish male penguin. (Izabel)
Lightfire: A silvery she-penguin with a yellow mark on her brown. (Izabel)
Savannasun: A golden female penguin with a yellow sunmark on her back and wheat colored stripes on her fins.

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