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Post by Sapphire Opal on Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:12 pm

This is going here because I don't know where else to put it Razz

This is a topic where you can discuss or stuff like new games, rules, Role-Plays or just anything in general. It is very simple. You can create a wolf. It doesn't matter what kind of wolf, it could be made entirely of flame or be a spirit. Go wild if you want because this wolf is your Avatar.
If you want to discuss something have your wolf call a meeting and wait for at least one or two other wolves to respond. Then post the question, the pack members will answer with their opinion if they want to. You can also give opinions on Role-plays that have already been posted.
Have fun

Wolves. (You can choose ranks for your wolf but only one leader please)


Valkyrie: A pure white spirit-like wolf with a long flowing mane that stiffens over her forehead like a mohawk. She has two brilliant slightly transparent wings on her shoulders and a beautiful voice. Has a broken chain on her paw that she seems to not be able to get rid of or doesn't want to. She has great power. Rank Leader

Stormy: white and silver female wolf and iridescent wings with a soft voice and a power to control memories and the future. Rank: Deputy

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