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Post by Sapphire Opal on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:44 pm

In this Role-Play you can be three categories or a mix. Superhero or Vigilante, Police, or Supervillan. If your character is too powerful it should have a weakness but this is optional. You live in a city that is rocked by crime. You can pick one or more of the categories to be. Fight crime or support it. You can if you want, use characters from one of the Superhero shows. Anything goes. Have fun Very Happy
Character Creation Template

Name (Or secret Identity):
Normal Description (If any):
Other Description:
Sidekick (If any):
Costume (If any):
Superhero Name:



Name (Or secret Identity): Amari Morgan
Age: 13
Category: Vigilante/ Supervillain
Powers: Flight, Super speed, Echolocation,
Personality: A little wary but overall friendly.
Normal Description (If any): A tall girl with reddish hair and blue eyes. Wears a light blue shirt and leggings. One eye is blue and the other is purple.
Other Description: A tall humanoid mix of a bat and wolf and a cat. Her fur is white with mottled patches she has bat wings and the head of a wolf.
Sidekick (If any): A strange beast that might be wolf and cat.
History: Unknown
Costume (If any): A mask with a clear material over the eyeholes so that she can see but no one can see her eyes. Just in case someone recognizes her eyes. Also a light blue shirt and leggings like the one she wears while human but made of a material that is hard to destroy.
Superhero Name: Batwolf
Family: Her father who is looking for her. Police Chief. Has no idea she’s Batwolf. And various mutations created by random scientists.
Other: She wants to help people but the police are after her.

Name: Mira Kikaridge
Age: 26
Category: Superhero
Powers: mind control, can change forms, and a few other things
Personality: similar to some of my main characters
Normal Description: Mongoloid woman (way) above female average height with dark eyes and long midnight black hair that's usually in a braid
Other Description: depends on her form
Sidekick: None
History: unknown
Costume: silver suit w/ silver wings that can fold up to hide from view (and other gadgets depending on the situation
Superhero Name: Mirror
Family: unknown
Other: has many scars on her back and strange, faint white markings on her appendages and up her neck

Name: Soru Namast
Age: 26
Category: n/a
Powers: similar to Mira
Personality: calm, fun-loving, kind, altruistic
Normal Description: Mongoloid man above male average height with dark eyes and dark brown hair, strange white markings on his appendages and neck
Other Description: n/a
Sidekick: n/a
History: unknown
Costume: n/a
Superhero Name: n/a
Family: unknown
Other: Mira's friend; has been missing three years since he freed Mira from captivity

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