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Post by Sapphire Opal on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:35 pm

A Role-Play about Demigod and Monsters.
You can have pets.

Character Creation Template
Hair color:
eye color:
Daughter of:
Pets (If any):

Hair color: Black
eye color: Blue
Daughter of: Poseidon
skill: Sword Fighting, Sharp Shooting and water control. (Wasn't sure if I should add this)
Pets a Pegasi named Rainbowdancer a Hellhound called Dart a young Cerberus named Tri and a small Alligator called Dagger.
Weapons a sword made of celestial bronze and a willow bow also a few daggers.

Name: Anna
Hair color: brown
Eye color: blue
Daughter of: Poseidon
Skill: Using different weapons, (and if plausible) using water as a weapon

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