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The Galaxy is torn by war between dark and light. Which are you, A Jedi or a Sith lord. Only you can decide.
If you are a Jedi fighting for Freedom and Honor then you can choose one of three ranks, Padawan, Jedi, or Jedi Master. You fight against the evil Darth Vader and Sith Lord Emperor Palpatine and you don’t know what the next event will bring. But if you are a Dark Jedi then your path is clear. You fight for Darkness and ruling the Galaxy. But know even the Darkest of paths have Light somewhere on the journey.
1 You can make up a new species or use one of the old ones just nothing too crazy.
2 Try to stick to the original colors of Lightsabers but a slight variation is okay.
3 Do not copy or use someone else's species without asking permission first
4 You can have a pet but if your character has not traveled a lot it probably shouldn't be one that is rare or for a far away world.
5 Have fun Very Happy
Character Sheet.

Lightsaber hilt and color:

Name: Valkyrie
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Type: A winged human
Rank: Padawan with no master
Lightsaber hilt and color: Hilt of dark metal with a willow pattern. The blade is sky blue tinted with pink
Description: Tall with waist length blond hair and blue eyes flecked with gold. Wears a sky blue tunic and leggings and has bright white wings
Personality: Gentle, Kind and slightly willful but is deadly serious in times of trouble. She has a strong Aura and is deeply connected with the Force
Other: She does not know what she is or where she came from.

Name: Aluik
Age: 26
Gender: female
Type: humanoid winged ocelot
Rank: Jedi Master
Lightsaber hilt and color: Silver and standard design, green
Description: silver with black ocelot spots and sharp green eyes
Personality: kind, gentle, fierce fighter
Other: has mind control powers exceeding those of a normal Jedi

Name: Xevari
Age: 30
Gender: female
Type: human
Rank: Jedi
Lightsaber hilt and color: black, standard, green
Description: dark skinned human with dark eyes and cocoa brown braided hair
Personality: quiet and calm
Other: likes poetry

List of Star Wars Creatures that can be Domesticated


Akk Dog:
Akk dogs, sometimes called Aak dogs, are lizard like creatures the length of a speeder. They formed Force bonds with any handler, Force-sensitive or not. Commonly seen as Jedi pets or companions. Their hides are resistant to lightsabers.

The bantha is a colossal, shaggy, mammalian mount with circular ram-like horns. Herds of bantha inhabit the desert wastes of Tatooine in the outer Rim, as well as grasslands and plains of other worlds throughout the Star Wars galaxy. They are very sociable animals, have long sticky tongues to catch prey, and are notorious for their smell. Since bantha are found in such a large number of agricultural systems, it is believed that early space settlers transported the species to new worlds.[citation needed] Although largely domesticated, on some planets wild herds can still be found. There are several known varieties of banthas in existence, including the common bantha (Bantha majorus), the smaller, shy dwarf bantha, and the rangier, slender dune bantha. One specific subtype of bantha is the Kashyyyk greyclimber, which differs in that the greyclimber has massive cranial bone plates in place of horns; it has also adapted to climbing through the evolution of articulated toes that can grip wroshyr trees

Dewbacks or Dewback Lizards are large reptilian creatures native to Tatooine. They are commonly used as beasts of burden. Both Imperial Stormtroopers and Jawas have been known to utilize these large beasts.

Eopies are 1.75 meter tall herbivores native to the planet Tatooine, appearing in all three prequel movies, (Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and Star Wars Galaxies also feature Eopies). The quadruped mammals are distinguished by their pale skin and long flexible snouts. An eopies's pale, white skin helps keep the creature cool by reflecting the intense sunlight of the planet's twin suns. Eopies are used as beasts of burden due to their endurance and ability to carry a lot of cargo. They are known for being stubborn and querulous creatures and for having incredibly potent flatulence. Eopies reach maturity around six standard years of age and their average lifespan is 90 standard years.

Tauntauns are 2.5 m (8.2 ft) tall bipeds, indigenous to the ice planet Hoth. Tauntauns are covered with white fur and have downturned horns, four nostrils, and a foul body odor. They subsist off lichen found in hoarfrost as well as eating mushrooms and other fungi found in ice caves. They give birth to two young at a time, twice in one Hoth year. They are used as mounts by the Rebel Alliance, and have been exported offworld to other cold-climate regions (including Coruscant's polar caps) for use as mounts, beasts of burden, and tourist attractions. Their thick layers of fat and fur provide adequate protection from the cold during the daytime, but tauntauns cannot survive the plummeting night temperatures without shelter. Tauntauns are sometimes preyed upon by the Wampa.

Kiros felinoid:
Kiros felinoid were small mammals raised by the Togruta on Kiros as pets. They were furry, bushy-tailed animals with flat faces and eight legs.

Krath Kitten:
Krath kittens were carnivorous pets kept by the Krath c. 4000 BBY, perhaps inidgenous to Koros Major.

A Kriss was a small and agile creature with tan-striped fur and retractable claws. They were sometimes used as livestock border guards in mountaious terrain. They were native to Kordu and could also be found on Eisl

Kybucks were ungulates native to the Woolwarricca prairies of Kashyyyk, and similar in appearance to the Tauntauns of Hoth.

Keons were curious, rodent-like marsupials. Ramsey Lanclo kept a female one as a pet for a few weeks, although he did not have the proper permit and license to do so. The creature cost him 1,500 credits. The creatures could, somewhat brokenly, parrot Human speech. Keons flicked their tails back and forth, perked up their ears, and gazed with their huge eyes to show curiosity. They had four digits on each forefoot

A jax was a feline creature. They would often be trained by creature handlers as personal companions. They were also a popular choice of holopets.

Slice Hound:
The Corellian slice hound was a canine creature with sharp teeth and a spine-covered body. They were sometimes domesticated as pets and appeared to be quite intelligent. They were deadly creatures, attacking anything smaller than themselves. Some were turned into cyborgs in the Imperial installation The Warren on Dantooine. Merillion Tarko also used the creatures in his gladiator arena on Cato Neimoidia in his attempt to execute Jedi Master Rahm Kota.

Squalls were small lagomorphs native to the planet of Chandrila.

Hornaguants were furred, multi-stomached creatures with wings that were often clipped when domesticated. They were native to Tertiary Kesmere. Their personalities were marked by an inherent aggressiveness which made them dangerous but useful as pets.

Hud were herd animals with red- and black-striped pelts native to the planet Rutan. They were used by Rutanians as mounts while hunting kudana.

Husk Lizard:
The husk lizard was a diminutive reptilian creature native to Herego, frequently kept as pets by wealthy humanoids in the Outer Rim Territories.

The gualaar was a species of immense animal that was indigenous to the world of Naboo, similar to the guarlara and gualama. They were regal, heavy-bodied beasts that possessed horns and snow-white fur; they were typically trained to pull carriages during funerals and weddings.

Gualamas were beautiful, herbivorous ungulates indigenous to the grassy plains of Naboo, also found on the moon Rori.

The Greysor was a four legged, carnivorous primate from the planet of Naboo. It was long used during hunts and birding parties by the Nabooian aristocracy.

Gurrcats were wild carnivorous creatures native to the planet Corellia. They roamed the Corellian plains in packs, and if one of their group members were attacked, the whole pack would savagely defend it.

Feathered Dog:
The feathered dog was a domesticated reptavian kept as a pet on Taris prior to and during the Mandalorian Wars. Any of these creatures still living on-planet at the time of the Jedi Civil War were likely killed when Darth Malak ordered the planet subjected to an orbital bombardment.

Felinx were a furry, cat-like species often kept as pets. Over the years, they had been heavily inbred, causing them to have minimal brain mass. They sometimes required bio-stimulation circuit implants to stop them from crashing into walls or chewing off their own fur.
Despite this, they were sometimes considered ideal pets, as they required nothing more than food, water and warmth and, of course, affection. This made them easy to care for.

Cracian Thumper:
Cracian thumpers were bipedal herbivores used as pack and riding animals. Originally from the Craci system, they possessed clawed forelimbs and hindlimbs, and a powerful tail. Their large, padded feet allowed them to move very quietly, earning them their ironic name—the "thumper"—which implied it should have thumped as it ran. They were loyal creatures, and unusually bright for a beast of burden; they were capable of being trained to perform a number of different tasks, to recognize patterns, and to follow simple commands. Though normally inoffensive, their claws and tail made them deadly opponents when they were threatened or trained to fight.

The vornskr was a canine beast that could hunt using the Force.

The Cu-Pa was a bipedal reptomammal found on Nam Chorios and Tatooine that was related to the Tauntaun on Hoth. They were passive animals, but not nearly as intelligent as their Tauntaun counterparts. They were widely domesticated and could be used as livestock or as mounts. The fur of a Cu-Pa was known to grow in a variety of colors including pink, green, brown, orange, white, blue and red.

The bordok was a vaguely equine herbivore native to the forest moon of Endor. It was used by Ewoks as a pack animal and a mount when tamed. Very sure-footed, and in spite of their size, they were capable of carrying very large loads.

Bryndar Pack Beast:
Bryndar pack beasts were quadrupedal beasts of burden used on Bryndar.

Bursas were carnivorous quadrupeds native to the planet of Naboo. Bursas were a species of semi-sentient, four-legged carnivorous creatures native to Naboo. They had tusked snouts and feathery tufts of brown hair on their thick-skinned bodies, and were known to build and live in mud huts in the planet's swamps.

Blarths were medium-sized predators native to the planet Naboo named for the low burping sound that it made. Amiable and easily tamed, they were kept as a household pet and watch animal by Gungans since prehistoric times. As of at least 21 BBY, the animals had made their way to off-world pet shops on worlds such as Coruscant.

Bonegnawers were large birds of prey native to the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine. They were admired and respected for their grace and beauty by the planet's inhabitants. However, they also had a fearsome reputation because of their speed and a pair of jaws that were reputed to be capable of crushing rock.

Basiliskans were an intelligent lizard species native to the planet Basilisk in the Core. They were the creators of the Basilisk War Droids, that were rumored to be modeled after themselves. During their war with the Mandalorians, the Basiliskans chemically poisoned their own planet, in a last ditch effort to defeat their conquerors.

Agamarian Beast:
This beast was a reptilian animal present on Agamar. It was a quadruped, with a thick tail and bone protrusions rising from a flared crest at the rear of its head. The Agamarian beast ate only grass and trees.

Aiwha were flying cetacean creatures that lived on the planets Kamino and Naboo. They could use their wing-fins to either propel themselves through water or to soar through the skies. Kaminoans were derogatorily referred to as "aiwha-bait" by various clones of Jango Fett, bred at a cloning facility on the planet.

The Ankarax was a reptilian creature native to Fhost. It was frequently used to drag carts and wagons. The citizens of Fhost also used its meat for food, and its hide for leather.

An aryx was a large, blue-white bird, native to Cerea. They were ridden by the Cereans, who domesticated them for use as biological transports in order to avoid using pollution creating machines.

Stohls were furred, serpentine luxury pets from the planet of Ichtor 8. The rich wrapped themselves with live stohl, and they could be trained to bite their masters' assailants. They were naturally poisonous, but domesticated stohls had their poison removed.

Saber Cat:
Saber cats, not to be confused with Binarian sabercats, were a huge, feline, carnivorous species native to the planet Monastery. They were predators with a thick horn which protruded from the top of the skull. The saber cat had four huge paws, each with five razor-sharp claws. Their teeth were also razor-sharp.

Binarian Sabercat:
The Binarian sabercat was a predator native to the planet Binaros in the Kathol Outback. A huge feline animal, the Sabercat had eight powerful legs tipped with large paws ending in razor sharp claws. The sabercat was able to bring four of these paws to bear on an opponent at any time. Huge incisors gave the sabercat a vicious bite. The sabercat also had a two-meter long tail that ended in a bony tip

The Nightshrike was a nocturnal, winged, clawed, bat-like, carnivorous species native to the rainforests of Monastery. They were a semi-sentient race of predators with a wingspan of two and a half meters in length.

Spidercats were two-meter long spiders with felinoid faces used as guard animals on Tasariq.

Go to Link below more more information on theses Creatures

List of Neutral Star Wars Creatures


Borcatus are quadrupedal scavenger vermin found amongst garbage and trash on thousands of civilized planets. Up to .5-metre (1.6 ft) in length, they are protected from the environment and predators by strong, armored scales.[1]

Canyon Krayt dragon:
Canyon Krayt dragons are a subspecies of the krayt dragon that live in the rocky caves and canyons of Tatooine's safari ranges . 10 m (33 ft) tall and 30 m (98 ft) long, the canyon krayt represents the smallest of the krayt subspecies. An evolved hunter, the four-legged canyon krayt possesses a yellow-brown camouflage skin pattern, a five-horned crown ridge, a face armored with dermal bone plates, and a spike-studded tail. They usually feed on womp rats, eopies, and lone banthas.

Garrals are wolf-like creatures that live in the forests of Wayland and Cholganna.

Kath hound:
Kath hounds are horned, wolf-like creatures native to Dantooine. There are two variants: the smaller one is orange and white with two horns; the larger is brown overall with three large horns. This latter variant is also called a "bull kath hound".

Koriena are striped canines that hunt in packs and are similar to wolves.

Tuskcats are tiger-like animals that live on Naboo and possibly other planets. They had very long sabre-tooth fangs, hence their name, and are also called "Nabooan Tusked Panthers

List of Unfriendly Star Wars Creatures


The Asyyyriak lives in the forests of Kashyyyk. It spends most of its time high above the forest floor. It has an elongated head and a pointed snout filled with sharp teeth. It has six legs, which are positioned along its flexible spine to provide a highly maneuverable frame. Each foot has four toes, which end in razor sharp talons. Its body is covered with long brown and green hair, which lies on top of green skin.

Dragon snake:
Dragon snakes are long, ferocious creatures, native to the swamps of Dagobah.

Condor dragon:
Condor dragons are flying reptiles from the forest moon of Endor. They have excellent eyesight and massive fangs for tearing through even the thickest hides. They have a wingspan of approximately 3 m (9.8 ft). they are known to eat ewoks. they make nests in caves and eat the giant cave spiders. The ewok pony is not the prey of the Condor dragon.

Greater krayt dragon:
Greater krayt dragons are rare creatures on Tatooine, measuring up to 100 meters in length, have 10 legs and blue scales, and feed on anything, especially Sarlacc

Howlers are carnivorous, reptilian quadrupeds that may be native to Yavin 4. They attack prey mainly by lunging and clawing, but they do have an ear-splitting howl that they use to stun prey.

Hssiss, or dark side dragons are large, dark gray, reptilian creatures that originated on Stenness. They were corrupted by the planet's dark side aura, and domesticated by the Sith. They have the ability to become almost invisible, making them extremely dangerous to the unwary.

The Rancor is a giant creature with long claws that is native to Dathomir, Lehon and Felucia.

Wampas are a horned, clawed, white-furred, carnivorous species native to the frozen world of Hoth. They are a semi-sentient race of predators standing over 2 m (6.6 ft) in height, subsisting in the cold climate by hunting tauntauns. Wampas are usually solitary creatures, but are known to occasionally hunt in packs. Their white fur allows wampas to blend-in with Hoth's blinding blizzards, enabling them to catch their prey completely unaware. Once they have made their kill, wampas drag the carcasses back to their icy lair, where they suspend them from the ceiling until ready to eat them. Due to the extreme temperatures of Hoth and the cold-blooded nature of the Wampa, the creatures are difficult to track on radar. A similar species is believed to inhabit the planet Gall, in the Outer Rim.

List of Animals and Pets


The Windrider Sisters: A pair of Giant Taun Tauns that Valkyrie knows.

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