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The Land of Anamaria Empty The Land of Anamaria

Post by Sapphire Opal on Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:09 pm

Welcome to Anamaria.
This is a place where you can bring your Adopted creature from Animals Above or any of the other Adoptable topics.
1 You can trade Animals but only if both people agree
2 No harassing or teasing
3 Pets must start as 0 or -20 (More on that below)
4 You must complete at least three special missions before you can start training your pet. Five if you have an evil one
5 No super human powers.

You have just adopted a new pet from Animals Above the local Shelter. Your pet doesn't know you yet so it will start out with a 0 on the friendliness meter or -20 if it is one from the evil side. You must go on three special mission that will help you bond with your pet five if the pet is evil because it will take longer. Missions list below. You can go alone on the mission or can team up with someone but you cannot post in a straight line. You have to wait for someone else(like in the Badge Events.) Anamaria is a gentle place but there is a dark secret lurking in the shadows. A dark sorceress lives in the swamp west of the village where you live. She likes to capture the pets that live in the village or any creature who happens to pass her by. If your pet gets captured you have two choices. One get a new pet or Two rescue yours. Also there is a chance you can find out where she lives and rescue one or a few of the Animals she has capture. You can either give them to the shelter or keep them for yourself. After you have completed the missions you can start training or just playing with your pet or pets. Have fun Very Happy

Character form

Mission List (will update)


1: Go to Windy Spire and collect the nectar of the Pollen Bloom flower for the Healers Stores. (Note would not choose this as first mission for it requires cooperation between Trainer and Pet)
2: Go and find the rare Moon Sparkle sheep that wandered
away from the herd two days ago
3: Try to sneak into the Royal Palace and do something mischievous there such as setting a harmless trap or hanging whatever chicken or turkey is in the kitchen from the chandelier in the throne room. (would not choose as first mission either there are a lot of traps to bypass)
4: (Chance Mission) The river is stronger then it looks and your pet has been swept away can you rescue him/her in time?
5: (Chance Mission There is a flood and a lot of houses are blocked by the water you help to organize a Rescue Attempt
6: Go and find 10 Sunstones that are needed to light your house and your path on Mid-Summers Night.
7: Look for a hidden cave in the forest where treasure is rumored to be buried.

News Bulletins (For after Missions)


None Yet



Adara: A tall 13 year old girl with long reddish blond hair and green/blue eyes. Has a dragon named Abeiku A jackal Hyeana cross named Aura and a Vampwolf named Lily. Beginner
Jakaja: A tall 26 year old Asian girl with long midnight black hair and warm brown eyes. Has a white tufted Himalayan Climbing Cat named Whiteout. A polar Bear called Midnight. A Pegasus called Blossom. A Great White Shark called Riptide. A dolphin named Cascade. A coyote named Lightning. An Anaconda named Flicker. A Badger Wolverine cross name Slash. And a giraffe called Dune. Beginner

Pets (and Friendliness meter)


Abeiku: A small Chinese dragon with base red scales and a golden underbelly. Friendliness meter -20
Whiteout: A white tufted Himalayan Climbing Cat. Friendliness meter 0

Flicker: A Female Fire breathing Anaconda that can fly. Friendliness meter 0

Cascade: A Female bottle-nose Dolphin who has an air bubble around her when she's on land. Friendliness meter 0

Icicle: A Female snowy owl who can control ice. Friendliness meter 0

Blossom: A Female Pegasus with Dragon Wings can heal, see the future and sense when things are poisonous. Friendliness meter 0

Riptide: A male Great White shark who has an air bubble around him when he's on land. Can control all aspects of storms. Friendliness meter 0

Lightning: A male coyote that uses super speed. When he uses it lightning strikes where he starts and stops. Friendliness meter 0

Midnight: A Male polar bear who can turn black or blend with the Aurora Borealis at night. Ice forms wherever he walks. Friendliness meter 0

Slash: A male badger and wolverine cross. Is great at fighting and is nearly invincible in battle. Friendliness meter 0

Dune: A male giraffe who can create sand storms. Friendliness meter 0

Aura: A jackal hyena cross who can see auras. Friendliness Meter 0

Lily: A vampwolf who can turn into a bat. Friendliness Meter -20

Other Stuff


1 If your pet gets injured during a mission that can make the Friendliness meter drop.
2 Life and Death Situations can boost the Friendliness or Bonding Meter
3 An evil pet has a chance to go pure evil. If that happens watch out you have one try to turn him or her back. After that it's all up to whether you see your pet again.



Pet Owner
Beginner (1 pet)
Intermediate (5 pets
Advanced (10 or more pets)

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