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Post by Sapphire Opal on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:44 pm

Yes another Dinosaur Role-Play Razz Laughing

This is about a secret Laboratory in the deep wilderness. No one can find it for it is hidden with special cloaking devices. Experiments are done there. Experiments so that the creatures that long ago walked the world might walk it again.
You can be a returning Scientist. Some one evil trying to find the lab, a new recruit, or someone who stumbles upon it by accident. Have fun Smile

Rule: If you are someone new just having found the lab you will have to actually find it and will probably crash into a dinosaur first.

Character Sheet

Dinosaur sheet.



   Name: Aria Song
   Age: 13
   Gender: Female
   Description: A tall girl with long reddish hair and blue eyes. Has a strange three marked scar over one eye
   Personality: Friendly but very quiet
   Rank: Scientist/Recruit. The only one at the time.
   Family: The dinosaurs. Her mother was lead scientist. When she died everyone else left. Leaving on her own.
   History: She was born in the lab. Her father she has never known. She grew up around the dinosaurs. Her mother died when she was 12 and when that happened the nerve of the other scientists broke and they fled. She stayed behind.
   Other: She has a natural calming nature about her. She loves the dinosaurs and when everyone else left she stayed to continue their work for fear her friends would die. She is also very smart.

   Name: Shar
   Age: 4
   Gender: male
   Description: A medium height dinosaur that looks kind of like a t rex. Carries a Bow and arrow and is good with weapons. Is Aria's friend and bodyguard.
   Personality: Hostile but okay when you get to know him.
   Rank: None
   Family: Aria
   History: Was created by Aria's mother right before she died. Stayed behind with Aria when the scientists left.
   Other: Would give his life for Aria and anyone else who is connected with the other dinosaurs.

   Name Bee
   Gender Female
   Age 9
   Description skinny little girl with black hair and brown eyes
   Personality spunky and unusual
   Rank beginner
   Family NONE orphan
   History unknown

   Pure black

   Name: Madeline
   Gender: female
   Description: tall, fair-skinned girl with intense blue eyes and medium length medium brown hair
   Personality: somewhat calmer than my other main characters
   Rank: a good scientist
   Family: unknown
   History: unknown

   Name: Velocity
   Age: 5 years
   Gender: male
   Type: velociraptor
   Description: green and orange
   Personality: joker, kind to all who are his friends, carefree, fierce fire, friend of Madeline
   Other: swears frequently...especially when he's mad; it gets him into major trouble...it gets on Madeline's nerves (she puts soap...liquid soap...in his) and Aria's as well

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