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If you like the movie Avatar this is the Role-Play for you.
You can either be a human or one of the Navi. In a pinch you could be a human who was transferred into a Navi body for some reason or other. Humans are a constant threat but you can fight back. And hopefully you will.
1 No harassing or anything like that.
2 Some strange things can happen but nothing too strange
3 Things like wings are not natural but if something chemical happens. (Grin) Anything is possible.
4 Have fun Very Happy

Join form.
Creature (Human Navi or Hybrid if Hybrid add the category Why)



   Aria: A fourteen year old female hybrid around 6 feet tall with light blue tattoos around her face and shoulders. Has long blond hair that reaches down to the ground and light blue eyes. Why: She had a strange illness that tampered with her spine and made it unable for her to walk. It eventually reached her brain and almost killed her. Backstory: Was given an Avatar so she could live for while before her illness killed her. Was accepted into a Navi tribe and saved the life of one of them. When her human body failed she was transferred into her Avatar body.
   Other: Is very strange and has a unique way of communication with the creatures of the forest.

   Natalia: a 26 year old female hybrid 9 feet with pale white tattoos that symbolize important moments in her life, long midnight black hair which reaches her waist in its usual braid , and silver tinged blue eyes.
   Backstory: was given an Avatar because a mysterious childhood disease paralyzed her legs (like Helena in The Scientist Adventures) She became part of a Navi tribe by helping them fight off a human force. She hopes to find a Navi who understands her enough to bond with her.
   Other: her intelligence has help the Navi with their conflicts with the humans and realizes she has qualities she has yet to discover as a Navi.

List of animals


   Direhorse (Pa'li in Na'vi) is a bioluminescent hexapodal equine-like animal. It is scientifically known as Equidirus hoplites. The Na'vi use the Direhorse to hunt. The Direhorse is grey with blue stripes and stands thirteen feet (3.9 meters) tall, fourteen feet (4.2 meters) long. The Na'vi "break" a Direhorse by connecting the fleshy tip of their hair to the animal's antennae. Xenobiologists call this a neural whip. Once intertwined, the Na'vi rider can communicate motor commands instantly through the neural interface; however, this connection does not lead to a lifelong, exclusive bond, as it does with the Mountain Banshee. The Direhorse uses its long tongue to eat the sap out of Pitcher Plants.

   Mountain Banshee (Ikran in Na'vi) is an airborne predator who lives in mountainous territory on Pandora. Na'vi warriors attempt to bond with a Banshee, a dangerous and required rite of passage. They are cousins to the Great Leonopteryx and they are scientifically known by Xenobiologists as Pterodactylus giganteus. A Banshee bonds to a Na'vi warrior for life. They are four-winged creatures that, like the Leonopteryx and Direhorse, have a biologically produced carbon fiber flexing on the skin.

   Great Leonopteryx (Toruk in Na'vi, meaning last shadow) is the apex airborne predator native to Pandora. It is scientifically known as Gavilandora maxima. The fierce beauty and nobility of the Leonopteryx gave the species a place in central Na'vi lore and culture. Leonopteryx are scarlet with black stripes and a midnight blue crest on top of the head and on the lower jaw. It is celebrated in dance, song, and with elaborate totems that symbolize both the fear and respect accorded to the creature. The Leonopteryx is considered crucial to the Na'vi sense of destiny and interconnectedness.

   Hammerhead Titanothere (’Angtsìk in Na'vi) is a large hexapodal herbivore whose massive, low-slung head features bony projections on either side of the skull, similar to Terran hammerhead sharks. These protrusions are often used to push and destroy objects: a single sideways thrust of the neck being sufficient to down a significantly sized tree. It has exceedingly thick, gray skin. There is a small "fan" feather structure on the head that it flares up as a warning symbol The creature, which resembles a cross between a rhinoceros and a hammerhead shark, is angered easily.[14] Its hide is impervious to human ammunition, though firing on it is known to anger it. This massive, grazing creature travels in moderately large herds or packs of 10–20 animals. It is moderately social, but also extremely territorial and hierarchical. A soft ungulate mouth is protected by a rigid, beak-like jaw structure. It is scientifically known as Titanotheris hammercephalis.

   Hexapede (Yerik in Na'vi) are hexapodal deerlike creatures. They are dark blue herbivores, with white and yellow stripes. Twin horn structures sheathe a thin, patterned membrane structure. Their small, sloped skull is topped by this light-colored fan structure. This fan has an eye pattern on it similar to those found in Terran insects. A skin membrane hangs under the jaw and runs the length of the neck. Twin lines of dark hairlike bristles run down the Hexapede's back. The antennae are at the back at the head. As a threat display, the Hexapede flares up its twin membrane structure like a satellite dish and retracts both lips. It is scientifically known as Sexcruscervus caeruleus.

   Prolemuris are blue, hexapodal creatures based on Earth's lemurs. They have two eyes, small nostrils, and their two upper arms are partially fused. Like most Pandoran creatures, it has a queue on the back of its head. They have lateral skin membranes on each side of the body. They have large eyes and grow 1.5 meters tall.

   Thanator (Palulukan in Na'vi) is a large hexapodal land predator that is believed, by the RDA, to be the apex land predator. It is scientifically known as Bestiapanthera ferox. It is black with white fleshy skin under each hand. Its appearance is similar to a panther; The Thanator has ten sensory quills connected to six pads at the rear of the skull that flare up before it attacks the prey. The director explained how the Thanator is the most fearsome creature on Pandora, "The Thanator could eat a T-Rex and have the Alien for dessert.

   Viperwolf (Nantang in Na'vi) is a hexapodal nocturnal carnivore. They are scientifically known as Caniferratus costatus.They have bioluminescence for pack identification. They hairless with shiny skin that looks like overlapped armor. Most disturbing are its paws, which are like leathery hands." They are vicious in combat but treat their babies in a loving, nurturing way. They are seen in the daytime caring for their babies and have green eyes. They have a laugh which sounds like Earth's hyenas. Like most Pandoran creatures, they have antennae. They have opposable thumbs allowing them to climb trees as well as stalk from the ground, thereby are able to create a three-dimensional hunting field.

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