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A Shattered Trust Empty A Shattered Trust

Post by Sapphire Opal on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:41 pm

This Role-Play is based on the TV show Ben 10.
The Galaxy is under threat from a species of alien no one is able to identify. You can fight against these aliens or join them. It is up to you.
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Alien Cross (If any):

Name: Valkyrie
Age: 14
Gender: female
Alien Cross (If any): Necrofriggian
Description: A tall blond haired girl with ice blue eyes and the wings of an albino Necrofriggiann. Can transform into mentioned Alien.
Personality: Gentle and kind
History: When she was very young she was very ill and about to die. The only way to save her was to infus her DNA with that of a Necrofriggian which gave her her strange appearance.
Family: None
Other: She runs a sort of rescue center for young orphaned aliens and can absorb the DNA of other aliens to transform into them.

Name: Madeline
Age: 26
Gender: female
Alien Cross: andonite
Description: in her human form, she is a tall Mongoloid w/ midnight black hair
Personality: same personality as my other main characters
History: unknown
Family: unknown
Other: n/a

See here for information on diffrent species

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