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The Underland Chronicles. Empty The Underland Chronicles.

Post by Sapphire Opal on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:41 pm

If you like the book series The Underland Chronicles. Then you might like this Role-Play. A new danger has invaded the Underland and all the creatures have to work together. Although there are tensions running high in Regalia. You are an Underlander or Overlander. You can fight for either side.
List of species


   Gnawers: Rats
   Fliers: Bats
   Nibblers: Mice
   Crawlers: Cockroaches
   Shiners: Fireflies
   Hissers: Frilled Lizards
   Slimers: Snails
   Cutters: Ants
   Spinners: Spiders
   Twisters: Snakes
   Stingers: Scorpions
   Diggers: Star Nosed Moles
   Mites: Flesh eating bugs
   Moths: Like their name

Character sheet (Fell free to modify if you want to play an animal or need to make profiles for animal bonds)
Bonds (Or friends):



   Name: Kindle
   Age: 13
   Gender: female
   Description: A tall girl with light blond hair and skin that looks neither like and Overlander’s or Underlander’s. One eye is purple and the other is golden.
   Personality: Kind
   Family: None. Orphan. Her mother was an Overlander and her father was an Underlander
   Bonds (Or friends): No bonds yet. She’s friends with a Bat named Lunara, A rat named Score and two Reptiles. A Hisser and a Twister.
   Other: She’s a little strange

   Name: Lunara
   Age: Unknown but young
   Gender: Female
   Description: A silver colored bat with a scar on her shoulder and a strange mark on her forehead.
   Personality: Gentle but fierce
   Family: Unknown
   Bonds (Or friends): Kindle, Score, Archer and Morgan.

   Name: Score
   Age: Unknown
   Gender: Male
   Description: A large gray rat with no obvious markings.
   Personality: Hard.
   Family: Unknown
   Bonds (Or friends): Kindle, Lunara, Archer and Morgan.

   Name: Archer
   Age: Unknown
   Gender: Male
   Description: A large green snake with red eyes
   Personality: Indifferent
   Family: None
   Bonds (Or friends): Kindle, Score, Lunara and Morgan.

   Name: Morgan
   Age: Unknown
   Gender: Female
   Description: A large green lizard with strange markings on her frill.
   Personality: Quick tempered but nice
   Family: Unknown
   Bonds (Or friends): Kindle, Score, Archer and Lunara.

   Name: Aurora
   Age: 26
   Gender: female
   Description: tall light skinned girl with medium length dark hair and light blue eyes
   Personality: similar to my other main characters
   Family: unknown
   Bond: a flyer named Eclipse
   Other: is skilled at science and other related subjects.

   Name: Eclipse
   Age: young
   Gender: female
   Description: a pitch black with a white circle on her forehead. She has a few scars on her back (only Aurora knows why) and a silver crescent moon marking under her right wing
   Personality: kind and gentle, but you won't want to be on her bad side
   Family: Unknown
   Bonds: Aurora

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