Sam Zanen: Ràku's Last Hope

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Sam Zanen: Ràku's Last Hope Empty Sam Zanen: Ràku's Last Hope

Post by Madeline26 on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:38 pm

Name: Sam Zanen
Gender: male
Creature: human (Earthling)
Age: (at current point in the books) 22
Appearance: light-skinned guy with light- brown hair and dark-brown eyes
Alternate Appearance: none
Personality: kind and curious (which can be bad), stubborn, a little naive at times
Abilities: can read the Viric Texts and use its magic
History: Sam was born in Syracuse, New York to prominent and world-famous archaeologists, Dr. Joseph Zanen and Dr. Jessica Zanen. His father travelers around the world, digging up colossal finds, and when he didn't bring her along, Sam's mother worked at Syracuse University, teaching archeology. Though his main home was in Syracuse, Sam spent several years traveling around the world with his father who was leading many archeological digs. He went everywhere from Egypt to China to South America. When Sam was twelve, Dr. Zanen was digging up an ancient Khmer site near Bangkok, Thailand when he made a discovery that would change Sam's life forever. He had unknowingly discovered the Third Text of the Viric Texts. Dr. Zanen was fascinated with the strange and indecipherable writing and wanted to take the scroll home, but Thai authorities wanted to keep it in the country. Dr Zanen was forced to smuggle it out of Thailand. Not much else that was exciting happened to Sam until college where he went to study art. That was where he met Elizabeth Kakenson, a mechanical engineering major, who would become his best friend (and his wife). One day after he graduated college (magna cum laude), he was sketching art just outside a local forest when a Ràkuni who introduced herself as Konanca appeared and started him on the greatest adventure of his life. (To find out about those adventures, read the Chronicles of Asylum.)
Crush: Elizabeth Kakenson
Family: Dr. Joseph Zanen (father), Dr. Jessica Zanen- mother (not mentioned)
Other: Originally, he was in love with Konanca, but realized that she'd never love him and fell for Elizabeth instead.

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