Habachachi Nema: Konanca's Bane

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Habachachi Nema: Konanca's Bane Empty Habachachi Nema: Konanca's Bane

Post by Madeline26 on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:37 pm

Name: Habachahi Nema
Age: (at time of death) 22
Gender: male
Creature: Ràkuni
Appearance: tall, handsome Ràkuni with dark hair and amber eyes
Alternate Appearance: hyena
Personality: evil and menacing, sick-minded psychopath who enjoys killing and hurting others...especially Konanca
Abilities: shape-shifting (see alternate appearance)
History: Habachahi was born in Ikuiri like Konanca. However, he was abndoned at the local temple and a loving shira took pity on Habachahi and adopted him as her own. Habachahi lived a troubled childhood, always in some sort of trouble. He started most of the fights and caused most of the problems at the local school. Ungracious of the shira's kindness, he especially loathed Konanca for she had a family and had Tervak. They often disagreed and he made her easy temper flare, often causing fistfights. Both he and Konanca have scars from a few of their fights that escaladed too far. When he was 12, he was recruited by Kwantis and was inducted at 18. Habachahi had made it his mission to make Konanca's life miserable. He saw the perfect opportunity when Kwantis captured Tervak. He personally tortured (or oversaw it) Tervak. Then, when Dertak died, he assumed leadership of Kwantis. He continued harassing Konanca and the Alinko until he hit his big break: actually capturing Konanca. Habachahi tried to get information out of her using the most gruesome methods (Ràkuni Water Torture, scorpions, whipping, dream-shock), but she refused to tell him anything. He finally conceded to torture her for the fun of it (he was known for his unfathomable methods) and decided that he would kill her. Unfortunately for him, Konanca was rescued and would survive for them to meet again twice more. He continued to harass the Alinko until the final battle in Laràba, Ràku. There, was where he finally met his end. Sam used some words from the recently translated Viric Texts to weaken him, allowing Konanca to kill him.
Crush/ Mate: none...has no interest in love
Family: unknown...was adopted by a local shira
Other: his name means 'he who kills'...ironically, the shira named him this because as a small child, Habachahi killed a small rodent with just his hands...not knowing that his name would be what inspired him to kill and torture many Ràkuni over the course of the Kwantis-Alinko Civil War until his death at the hands of Sam and Konanca

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