Thunderrain: Auroraspirit's Creation

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Thunderrain: Auroraspirit's Creation Empty Thunderrain: Auroraspirit's Creation

Post by Madeline26 on Tue May 14, 2013 11:19 pm

Name: Thunderrain
Age: young, but nearing middle age
Gender: female
Creature: cat of MytheralClan
Rank: deputy (to become leader in one story)
Description: Looks: light gray she-cat with yellow lightning strikes criss-crossing and deep blue dashes that make it seem as if someone is pulling the marks off her (like when people in Star Wars going into hyper speed...) She has silver wings. She also has a star mark. (like the one you see on the doors to flumes in Pendragon) that looks like a battle scar and glows white when special 'events' happen that she causes, silver-blue eyes that turn silver when she uses her power, also
Personality: similar to Icestar's...quick to anger if she doesn't have her anger under control, she's got many characteristics of a good leader (I'm saying that or I'll be here all day trying to describe her), she's wise for a young penguin...she's not too young but not really old, she would be willing to die for her clan if necessary because she learned that the hard way when she was attacked by a cat from another Clan while she was expecting kits...she almost died and learned her lesson well
History: Thunderrain was created by a rather omnipotent spirit named Auroraspirit to tie the loose ends left by another cat, Wndfallshimmer, and right the clan's course. She gave her to a cat name Rainblossom to raise so that the clan would never suspect that Thunderrain was not one of them. For several moons, all was well and Auroraspirt realized that Thunderrain was growing more powerful than she expected. It wouldn't have been a problem, but her counterpart and nemesis, Demonspirit had noticed as well and wanted to use Thunderrain for his own purposes. As an appprentice, Demonspirit tried to take over her, but nearly succeeded...almost killing the young apprentice. Auroraspirit saved Thunderrain's life, and made a bargain with her. In exchange for her life, Thunderrain agreed that one of her powers, if used at a certain intensity or for a long time would bring her pain. Auroraspirit also revealed the truth to Thunderrain. From then on, Thunderrain was cautious, but her caution paid off and she is know deputy of MytheralClan.
Family: Cloudyfox (mate), Snowflakedrift (daughter), Hurricanesprint (son), Auroraspirit (creator)
Other: is very powerful, she has powers of mind control and other related powers

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