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Jacob: Hawaii 5-0 Cop Empty Jacob: Hawaii 5-0 Cop

Post by Madeline26 on Tue May 14, 2013 11:18 pm

Name: Jacob
Age: 40
Gender: male
Creature: human
Description: tall Mongoloid man w/ black hair and sharp dark eyes (from South Korea)
Personality: see Chin Ho's personality from Hawaii 5-0
History: Jacob's family was originally from South Korea and when he was ten, they all immigrated to the US and settled in Hawaii. After he graduated high school, he started training to become a cop and when his cousin, Grace, finished training, they became cop partners for Hawaii 5-0. They, along with fellow cops, Samuel, Lucas, and corner/ medical examiner, Robert, have been solving the crimes of Hawaii for many years. When he was 25, he married a beautiful native Hawaiian named Leila. They had a happy five years of marriage and then the most devastating case of Jacob's career happened. Some fellow cops from HPD and 5-0 turned criminal and they had to track them down. The manhunt came to a shocking conclusion when several of the cops appeared at Jacob's house and killed Leila before his eyes. He was helpless to help her but tried anyways. He managed to kill two of the rogue cops out of rage before HPD and 5-0 came to get the rest. HE was only 30 and his grief still hangs with him from time to time. However, he doesn't let it get to him and uses Leila's memory to help him get through tough jobs.
Family: The only family mentioned in the RPG is his younger cousin (and partner),Grace, and his wife who died ten years prior.

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