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Post by Madeline26 on Tue May 14, 2013 11:15 pm

Kie's story is sad and has a sort of gruesome ending.

Name: Kie
Age: 19
Gender: male
Creature: Ràkuni
Appearance: short Indian looking man
Alternate Appearance: Tasmanian devil
Personality: very reserved (his name means he who leads a nervous life.)
Abilities: shape-shifter (see alternate appearance)
History: Kie was born in Morim, Ràku to a family of merchants. As stated below, his name means he who leads a nervous life. (He was told that he was born shaking) He's the oldest and has two younger siblings a brother (11) and the youngest is a sister ( 8 ) . Like any other, he was discovered by the Alinko and taken into training when he was 12. Life was pretty good up until the Invasion. His family was captured by Kwantis and Habachachi held them for ransom. He told Kie that the only way he could keep them alive by telling him top secret Alinko information. Kie, afraid for his family, did that despite knowing the consequences for someone finding out he committed treason. (Treason is punishable by death...usually execution or a life sentence, on Ràku) At first, he tried to feed them false info, but Habachachi found out and started killing his family (In this order: father, mother, then brother) Kie then gave them true info and is the reason that Tervak was killed during the rescue mission and why Dertak knew about it, Konanca was captured, and the Fourth Text was almost recovered by Kwantis and also the reason why Jirkov is dead. Right before the incident with the Fourth Text, Habachachi got mad at him for a mishap during the incident in which Konanca was captured (Kwantis lost the battle) and he killed Kie's sister before his own eyes. As she was dying, she made Kie promise that he would make everything right. However, it was in vain. At the battle on Harca, Habachachi tried to get him to kill Jirkov (Habachachi ended up killing him instead.) The Protectors caught him...and his deal with Habachachi. He was put on trial and Konanca had him executed for treason.
Crush/ Mate: none
Family: all killed by Kwantis
Other: His form of execution was by firing squad.

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