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Post by Madeline26 on Tue May 14, 2013 11:13 pm

Name: Kila (Her name means she who brings the truth)
Age: 20
Gender: female
Creature: Ràkuni
Appearance: Indian looking with dark brown hair, average height
Alternate Appearance: okapi
Personality: kind of shy and nervous but is gaining confidence.
Abilities: shape-shifter (see alternate appearance)
History: Kila was from Qalik, Ràku. Her parents were merchants hoping as many did, that their only daughter had the gene that allowed a Ràkuni to become a certain creature. As it turned out, she did and Konanca, then 15 years old spotted her and recruited her for the Alinko. Her years in training were good and she became very good friends with Konanca. The year of her Induction (it was supposed to be the same day as Luma's, another friend of hers and Qorra's sister) the Invasion happened. Two years later while on a mission, she was kidnapped by Kwantis and taken to Tujra, where Konanca was also held prisoner. She risked her life to escape and eventually made her way to Earth with the information. She continues to fight for the Alinko against Kwantis.
Crush: not known
Family: she's an only child...her parents are among those who died during the Invasion
Other: n/a

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