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Post by Madeline26 on Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:41 pm

This role-play is called Mission Impossible: Pork Chop Protocol. It's also a thing from Tae Kwon Do. This time, you are secret agents for Ecuador's government \. You will go on missions (from your home base in Quito) and Pork Chop Protocol is where you go under cover in a village and serve as a lowly villager. (This is a rough outline and will become clearer with time.)

In this spoiler(to save room), I have all the characters. Just click the box:
Name: Madelena (Me)
Age: 26
Job: Head of Data Analysis Department, field agent
Number: 0026
Code Name: Constellation
Weapon of Choice: guns, bows and arrows (she knows a lot about local customs...being from a small village)
Specialty: Scientific Endeavors (she's pretty sharp)

Name: Adriana
Age: 25
Job: Genetic Animal Enhancement and Cloning
Number: 0016
Code Name: White Wolf
Weapon of Choice: Sword Dagger Bow and arrow and Dart Gun that shoots Tranquilizers. (She is good at Blade-Dancing)
Specialty: Animal communication.

Name: Alejandra
Age: 24
Job: Defense system and Weapon planning
Number: 0024
Code Name: Defender
Weapon of Choice: Machine Gun Small Pistol and an array of daggers.
Specialty: Fighting and Defending.

Name: Amparo
Age: 24
Job: Defense System and Weapon planning (She’s Alejandra’s twin sister)
Number: 0023
Code Name: Protector
Weapon of Choice: Machine Gun Small Pistol and an array of swords
Specialty: Fighting and Defending.

Name: Delfina
Age: 20
Job: Genetic Animal Enhancement and Cloning
Number: 0056
Code Name: Dolphin
Weapon of Choice: small Pistol and Dagger. (She’s new)
Specialty: none yet

Name: Nereida
Age: 27
Job: Genetic Animal Enhancement and Cloning
Number: 0012
Code Name: Siren
Weapon of Choice: Sword and Gun also carries a Water Pistol for no reason.
Specialty: Genetic Experimentation.

Name: Viajar
Age: 27
Job: Transportation
Number: 0015
Code Name: Flight
Weapon of Choice: Two Pistols and a Spear
Specialty: Repairing and creating different types of Vehicles

Name: Rafaela
Age: 23
Job: Healing and Medicinal Remedies
Number: 0014
Code Name: Lavender
Weapon of Choice: Ak47 Poisoned Sword and Daggers covered with the antidote. (Just in case)
Specialty: Making new poisons antidotes and medicines
Name: Jada
Age:Number: 0053
Code Name: Sienna
Job: field agent
Number: 0052
Code Name: Jade
Weapon of Choice: weapons that make things explode...
Specialty: Weaponry (especially explosives)
Name: Sierra
Age: 20
Job: field agent
Weapon of Choice: machine guns
Specialty: Weaponry
(They are Madelena's younger twin sisters.)

You make as many characters as you can keep track of or need. I would prefer that your names sound like they're from Spanish and would like your character to be over twenty. Also, try to make agents with different specialties.

There are also hybrid animals that Adriana 'makes' for missons. You can make crosses between animals that live or have lived (for example you cross a dog and a t-rex). Just don't use mythical creatures in the crosses.

Form (a special thanks to Izabel for creating this! ):

Type (what animals were crossed):
Special Abilities:
Best Missons (missions you recommend the creature be on based on abilities):
Worst Missions (the opposite of above):
Othe Relevant Info:

Here are the hybrids that have been created so far:
Name: Merinda
Type: A mutated dog. Her DNA is mixed with that ones of a bear and a horse.
Looks: A silky furred dog with the strength of a bear and the legs of a horse with long claws
Special Abilities: Can run as fast as a horse but a lot longer her claws can tear through solid steel and her strength enables her to lift large weight amounts is good on most missions but hates loud noises and bright lights.
Eats: Six pounds of meat per week
Best on: Anything without too much action
Worst on: Action Mission with a lot of noise and confusion

Name: Typhoondroid (Typhoon)
Type: Android cheetah
Looks: A mix of normal Cheetah and steel robot
Special Abilities: Can climb walls with the help of his super strong claws is nearly indestructible and can run like the wind.
Eats: A mixture of oil and metal
Best on: Action Mission with a lot of noise and confusion.
Worst on: Stealth missions because he makes sound of valves hissing and gears clicking when walking

Name: Garnet
Type: Spider Shi-Tzu a mix of black widow wolf spider and mini Shi-Tzu
Looks: A black and white striped Shi-Tzu with ten legs large curving spider fangs and eight eyes
Special Abilities: Can climb walls and shoot webbing from her mouth or her tail tip also can bend her bones to squeeze through tight cracks.
Eats: Mice Rats and any insect or small animal that comes her way
Best on : Stealth missions
Worst on: Missions that need a lot of power

Name: Guardian
Type: Robot wolf
Looks: a normal white wolf with silver tips to her fur
Special Abilities: Can climb walls is almost indestructible and can leap really high she has a special compartment at the back of her throat that is normally loaded with special Tranquilizers that can even knock out the robots also her ears act as radio antenna’s.
Eats: Same as Typhoondroid
Best on: Is not really taken on missions she mostly guards the labs
Worst on: See above

Name: Blizzard
Type: Horse who’s DNA is mixed with liquid Helium and liquid Nitrogen
Looks: A pure white horse who’s mane and tail stand up like icicles
Special Abilities: Can lower her body temperature to below freezing and breath cold up to -458 effectively freezing anything
Eats: Frozen vegetables hay ice snow and cold water
Best on: Stealth missions can freeze most metals also good in missions that are in cold climates.
Worst on: Missions in warm climates she does not do well with prolonged heat

Name: Ivory
Type: Bird horse
Looks: A small black and white horse about the size of an dove with white eagle wings
Special Abilities: Can fly thanks to strong muscles in her back and shoulders and light bones.
Eats: Seeds Grass and other plants
Best on: She is mostly used as a messenger.
Worst on: See above

Name: Acid
Type: Enhanced Spitting Cobra
Looks: Like a spitting cobra
Special Abilities: Can spit a type of acid that can burn through anything but does not harm flesh.
Eats: Rodents
Best on: Most missions
Worst on: Mission that need a lot of power

Name: Morgan
Type: Small T Rex with Wolverine and Dolphin DNA
Looks: A T Rex the size of a collie
Eats: Seven pounds of meat per week
Special Abilities: Super strong jaws that can bite through most objects
Best on: Sea missions and missions that need a lot of power
Worst on: Stealth missions

Name: Forest
Type: Winged Golden Retriever
Looks: A golden retriever with large golden eagle wings
Special Abilities: She can glide on wind currants
Eats: Dog Food
Best on: She’s more of a pet.
Worst on: See above

Name: Cobalt
Type: Robot horse
Looks: A Robot horse
Special Abilities: Super strong skeleton and muscle fibers can withstand most explosions
Eats: Same as the other Androids.
Best on: Missions that need a lot of power
Worst on: Stealth missions

Name: Commander
Type: Android Coyote
Looks: Humanoid robot coyote with silver and black armor that can withstand most blasts. Wears red armband, a red belt and two red pawbands
Special Abilities: Laser gun hidden in the armor on his arm, super strong jaws and very fast
Eats: Any type of meat
Best on: Missions that involve a lot of power
Worst on: Not much

Name: Kelpie
Type: Mutant horse. Combined Horse and Narwhale DNA.
Looks: A pure white horse with a fish tail and a narwhale’s horn
Special Abilities: Can stab with her horn and swim very well
Eats: Fish.
Best on: Sea missions
Worst on: Stealth missions

Name: Sapphire Spirit
Type: A white bat/snake/fox
Looks: A snow white fox with deep blue eyes
Special Abilities: Can echolocate, see in the dark, has long snake fangs that can inject medicine or poison depending on what she eats, and is as agile as a wisp of smoke. Also her saliva act as a natural medication that can close and heal wounds faster then they would normally.
Eats: Small rodents and insects
Best on: Stealth missions
Worst on: Missions that have a lot of power.

Name: Nova (Short for Super Nova)
Type: Unknown some kind of mutant clone
Looks: Humanoid, stands about six and a half feet tall, resembles a wolf/cat with a thin tapering muzzle that is slightly rounded at the tip, blue eyes and long ears that can pick up any sound. Stands on two legs though sometimes on four, has immense strength and can leap up into the branches of trees in one bound. His body is slender and flexible allowing him to curl up into a ball for a prolonged length of time. Also he possesses a long coiling tail that can wrap around things like guns and swords and a pair of large bat-like wings.
Special Abilities: Unknown. (he is still being created)
Eats: Unknown
Best on: Unknown
Worst on: Unknown

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