The Alinko: The Protectors of Ràku

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The Alinko: The Protectors of Ràku Empty The Alinko: The Protectors of Ràku

Post by Madeline26 on Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:33 pm

For those of you who have read my series, Chronicles of Asylum, this is an RPG based of the series...but its more based off my side story, Konanca's Paradox(not written yet). (if you have not read any of my series...I suggest you's in Madeline's story collection) I will explain more about the story when we start roleplaying. So, just familiarize yourself with the series's plot line! So, I encourage you to join my adventure!

1. No harassment.
2. Try to stay with the story.
3. Have fun!


All of the characters for this RPG (currently...the series isn't finished yet...I have two more books to go before I finish the actual series) are located in a post in Madeline's Story Collection. If you already made/ inspired a character for me, I suggest you use it. If you have not made a character for me, you can choose one of the one's that are free (most of them are) or make one...follow the format in that post.

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