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Post by Madeline26 on Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:58 pm

I don't if any of you have seen it, but there's a show called Touched by an Angel. It's a cool show where these angels help people in need. This role-play is much the same, but to avoid offending anyone in case they do not believe what I do (and not to plagiarize the show) the angels are spirits instead sent from a being called the Great Spirit to keep things in order on earth. You are one of those spirits.

Although these spirits cannot fly, they do have other powers. They can appear anywhere. (teleportation). They cannot be harmed by fire. They cannot drown. Nothing can harm (after all, they're already dead)them. They can find out anything about a living person. This is all for now....they probably can do other things, but I haven't seen anything else. Also, when they reveal that they are a spirit, a golden light falls on their head and shoulders.

Note: they look like everyday humans and unless you know they're a spirit, you cannot tell the difference. They are all very kind...and, well, all that.

Join Form:

Name: Elizabeth
Gender: female
Description: older, short woman with ginger hair
Other: she's the head spirit and makes sure the others keep on task
Name: Jane
Gender: female
Description: tall woman with midnight black hair
Other: she likes Matthew, but Matthew supposed to be kept alone since he's the spirit of death
Name: Matthew
Gender: male
Description: tall man with dark brown hair
Other: he's the spirit of death
Name: Adalia
Gender: Female
Description: A tall girl with blond hair that has midnight black streaks
Other: She is very shy and withdrawn. (Elizabeth calls her Miss Magic)
Name: Cameron
Gender: male
Description: tall guy with shaggy light brown hair and eyes that seem to sparkle with humor
Other: he's really goofy and when he's not on task, Elizabeth calls him spirit boy. He likes Adalia...

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