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The Leopard Tribes Empty The Leopard Tribes

Post by Madeline26 on Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:37 pm

In a savanna surounded by a forest there live four leopard tribes. They are: Tribe of the Rising Stars, Tribe of the Rising Moon, Tribe of the Rising Sun, and Tribe of the Rising Tide. They were founded by: Stars that Rise at Dusk (Stars), Moon that Rises at Night (Moon), Sun that Rises at Dawn (Sun), and Tide that Rises at Sunhigh (Tide). Their spirit ancestors that watch over them are known as the Tribe of the Rising Sky. These tribes interact and work much as the other animal clans and the Tribe of the Rushing Water combined.

The ranks of the tribes are as follows: Skyteller (leader), skyflyer (deputy), healer (medicine leopard), protectors and hunters (warriors, but are devided into different jobs), learners (apprentices that are taught by a teacher), cub-mothers (queens), cubs (baby leopards), and memory-keepers (elders).

You can be one of these leopards. I will reveal more details with time.

Tribe of the Rising Stars:
Skyteller: Eclipse that Covers the Sun (Eclipse) ♀ [me]
Skyflyer: Ember that Lies in the Fire (Ember) ♂
Healer: Cliff that Rises in the Valley (Cliff) ♂

Bird that Flies in the Sky (Bird) ♀
River that Runs through the Valley (River) ♂
Shimmer of the Water (Shimmer) ♀ [Izabel]
Thunder that Sounds in the Storm (Thunder) ♂
Lightning that Flashes in the Storm (Lightning) ♀
Snake that Slithers through the Grass (Snake) ♂
Osprey that Hunts Fish (Osprey) ♀ [Ember’s mate]

Lion that Prowls the Grassland (Lion) ♂
Wave that Crashes on the Shore (Wave) ♀
Tiger that Tracks its Prey (Tiger) ♂
Bubble that Drifts through the Water (Bubble) ♀
Lake that Fills with Water (Lake) ♂
Mist that Hangs in the Air (Mist) ♀
Darkness that Follows the Night (Darkness) ♂ [Dawn’s mate]
Night that comes with the Moon (Night) ♂ [Eclipse’s mate]
Gazelle that Gallops in the Grassland (Gazelle) ♂ [Flower’s mate]

Dew that clings to the Grass (Dew) ♂ [hunter-to be] Teacher: Tiger
Zebra that Runs from Predators (Zebra) [protector-to-be] ♀ Teacher: Osprey

Dawn that Follows the Sun (Dawn) ♀
Flower that Blooms among the Grass Clumps (Flower) ♀
Eclipse is expecting cubs.

Grass that Grows in the Valley (Grass) ♂
Gem that Shines in the Sunlight (Gem) ♀
Primrose that Grows in Bunches (Primrose) ♀
Viper that Hides in the Ferns (Viper) ♂
Oasis in a Barren Desert (Oasis) ♀
Forest that Contains Trees (Forest) ♂

Morning that Lights the Sky (Morning) ♀
Fern that Appears in the Fields (Fern) ♀
Cinder that is Left after a Fire (Cinder) ♂
Ash that Settles on the Foliage (Ash) ♂

Tribe of the Rising Moon:
Skyteller: Wolf that Behowls the Moon (Wolf) ♂ [Joey]
Skyflyer: Fire that Burns the Forest (Fire) ♂
Healer: Leaf that Blows in the Wind (Leaf) ♀

Waterfall that Cascades over the Cliff (Waterfall) ♀
Hawk that Flies in the Sunlight (Hawk) ♂
Light of the Stars at Night (Light) ♀
Stone that Lies on the River Bottom (Stone) ♂
Cloud that Floats in the Sky (Cloud) ♀
Eagle that Perches in the Tree (Eagle) ♂
Hail that Falls over the Land (Hail) ♂ [Starlight’s mate]

Moonlight over Water (Moonlight) ♀ [Starlight’s sister]
Stream that Trickles through a Hollow (Stream) ♂ [Orchid’s mate]
Sunlight over Water (Sunlight) ♀ [Starlight’s sister]
Hollow Shrouded in Darkness (Hollow) ♂
Firefly that Flashes in the Dark (Firefly) ♀ [Wolf’s mate]
Whale that Jumps over Water (Whale) ♂

Dark of the Moon (Dark) ♂ [protector-to-be] Teacher: Waterfall
Flash of Light that Appears in the Sky (Flash) ♀ [hunter-to-be] Teacher: Firefly

Starlight over Water (Starlight) ♀
Orchid that Blooms in the Sunlight (Orchid) ♀
Cardinal Eating Seeds (Cardinal) ♀ [Fire’s mate]

Hurricane that Forms over Water (Hurricane) ♀
Tornado that Spirals through the Desert (Tornado) ♂
Sand Deposited in a Desert (Sand) ♀
Dune that Rises over the Lake (Dune) ♂
Moss that Grows by Tree Roots (Moss) ♀
Swamp that is Surrounded by Trees (Swamp) ♂

Pine that Grows in the Forest (Pine) ♂
Lark that Sings in the Daylight (Lark) ♀
Frost that Clings to Leaves (Frost) ♀
Branch that Burns in a Fire (Branch) ♂

Tribe of the Rising Sun:
Skyteller: Star that Lights the Night (Star) ♀
Skyflyer: Storm that Rages over Water (Storm) ♂
Healer: Spirit that Roosts in the Flames (Spirit)

Rose that has Thorns (Rose) ♀ [Storm’s mate]
Rise of the Sun (Rise) ♂ [Star’s mate]
Sky at Night (Sky) ♀
Thorn on a Tree Branch (Thorn) ♂
Palm Leaf Swaying in the Wind (Palm) ♀
Mountain that Rises above the Plateau (Mountain) ♂
Valley that Encloses a River (Valley) ♂ [Song’s mate]

Bamboo Stalks in a Forest (Bamboo) ♀
Grassland by a Mountain (Grassland) ♂ [Drift’s mate]
Fish that Swims in a River (Fish) ♀
Frog that Jumps to a Lilypad (Frog) ♂
Lily that Grows by the Water (Lily) ♀
Foam that Gathers after a Wave (Foam) ♂
Glacier that Slowly Moves Forward (Glacier) ♂
Ice that Breaks off in Shards (Ice) ♀ [hunter-to-be] Teacher: Glacier
Fly that Buzzes Overhead (Fly) ♂ [protector-to-be] Teacher: Rise

Song of a Cardinal (Song) ♀
Drift of a Leaf in the Wind (Drift) ♀

Pounce of a Lion (Pounce) ♂
Whisper of the Wind (Whisper) ♀
Iceberg that Broke off a Glacier (Iceberg) ♀
Whisker of a Mouse (Whisker) ♂

Mouse that Looks for Food (Mouse) ♂
Feather that Drifts in the Wind (Feather) ♀
Wind that Blows through the Trees (Wind) ♂
Willow Branches that Touch the Ground (Willow) ♀

Tribe of the Rising Tide:
Skyteller: Rain that Falls from a Cloud (Rain) ♀
Skyflyer: Tree that Sways in the Breeze (Tree) ♂
Healer: Soul that Shines in the Dark (Soul) ♀

Poppy Seeds that Grow in Seed-Pods (Poppy) ♀ [Tree’s mate]
Sway of the Willow Tree (Sway) ♂ [Rain’s mate]
Shine of the Moon (Shine) ♀
Creek in which Large Fish Swim (Creek) ♂
Flare of Lightning Bolt (Flare) ♀
Seed of a Sunflower (Seed) ♂
Sea that Rises with the Moon (Sea) ♀
Parrot that Calls in the Forest (Parrot) ♂

Sunflower that Blooms in Clumps (Sunflower) ♀
Bracken that Grows on the forest Floor (Bracken) ♂
Dolphin that Hunts for Small Fish (Dolphin) ♀
Pond in which Frogs Live (Pond) ♂ [Ocean’s mate]
Tide that Rises in the Ocean (Tide) ♀
Clump of Wild Flowers (Clump) ♂ [Berry’s mate]

Flame of a Raging Fire (Flame) ♂ [hunter-to-be] Teacher: Bracken
Jump of a Tree Frog (Jump) [protector-to-be] Teacher: Shine
Ocean Where Seaweed Grows (Ocean) ♀
Berry that Grows on Bushes (Berry) ♀

Shark that Swims in Warm Water (Shark) ♂
Shard of Ice (Shard) ♀
Fox that Stalks a Mouse (Fox) ♂
Seaweed that Grows in the Ocean (Seaweed) ♀

Spark of Light (Spark) ♀
Vole that Swims in a River (Vole) ♂
Shrimp that is Eaten by Whales (Shrimp) ♂
Oyster that Lies on the Seabed (Oyster) ♀

You are welcome to make animals that are friends and interact with the Leopard Tribes...but nothing too crazy. Please stick to the known species of animals.

Other Animals:

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