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Post by Sapphire Opal on Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:16 pm

The Merclan.

Any color or name part is okay just no wings or unicorn horns.

Double or single names are okay.

Have fun:)


Moonlightglacier: a silver she mer patches of white and a creme-scaled tail and silver-blue eyes.

Medicine Mer:


Lightsplash: a light green she-mer with dappled patches of white light splashing over her fur in different patterns clear scales on her tail and pink eyes

Silvermist: a silver misty furred she-minnow with misty scales on her tail and red eyes

Rainbowdancer: a black she-minnow with pearl hues in her fur scarlet tanager wing patches on her shoulders rainbow scales on her tail and blue red eyes

Minnowfin: a light gray she-minnow with light brown scales on her tail and blue eyes

Dragonsoul: a light red she-minnow with dark green scales on her tail and fire crystal eyes

Wolfwalker: a dark gray she-mer with lighter gray scales on her tail and amber eyes

Seapple: a red she -minnow with lighter red scales on her tail and green eyes

Mintleap: a mint green she-minnow with light sea foam blue scales on her tail and pinkish eyes

Sparklingtail: a white she-minnow with sparkling white scales on her tail and silver eyees

Stormylake: a dark gray and blue he-mer with yellow lightning strikes, an orange-scaled tail, and deep green eyes.

Thunderfall: a yellow he-mer with orange dashes, a white-scaled tail, and blue eyes.

Echosnow: a yellow she-mer with white dapples and a blue scaled-tail and green eyes.




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