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Post by Sapphire Opal on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:54 pm

A deadly volcano. A mysterious cave. A wide flowing river and a Thunder's game.
Wolves faced those changes with brave hearts and strong spirits. But change ever sneaks in to catch them by surprise. A Darkness is growing and the wolves are discovering the powers that lie inside them. Can they harness those Powers before Evil attacks from within.

Medicine Wolf:

Battle Wolves:
Malarite: A light gray she-wolf with small splashes of soft blue on her pelt. Can control anything to do with caves.

Miraku: A dove gold male wolf with river gray eyes. Can walk on water.

Nocturne: A pitch black male wolf with green blue eyes. Can control shadow and becomes a vampire at night.

Neu: An ebony black he-wolf with a white patch on his chest and silver eyes. Can levitate things

Lrad: A brown and gray patched male wolf with brown eyes. Can control earth.

Meb: A green tinged male wolf with black eyes. Can make things transparent.

Mira: silver she wolf with white dashes (think Star Wars hyper speed). Can see the past and future.

Soru: tan male wolf, Mira's mate. He can hover and fly without wings.

Mirage: A small black male pup with stunning green eyes. Has the power to make mirages and create beauty out of nothing

Alalu: A very pretty rose colored she-wolf with blue eyes. Is a Lavasister

Alvi: A white and golden brindled she-wolf with blue eyes. Can control light.

Spirit Pack:
Leik: creme wolf, Mira's mother. She can sense others feelings. Is a spirit walker.

Shadow Walkers:
Malphire: A large wolf-like creature. A Cave Guardian.

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