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A Dangerous Tale Empty A Dangerous Tale

Post by Sapphire Opal on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:53 pm

This is set in an apocalyptic future.
Earthquakes and natural disasters have tore the land asunder and to survive is an everyday battle. But contrary to the beliefs some Pokemon and some Trainers have survived the disasters. You can choose to be a Trainer or a regular human. Survive!

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Valkyri: A tall blond haired girl with ice blue eyes. Wears a light blue tunic and legging and carries a sword. A strange gem in strung on a cord around her neck. She is very hostile and protective but is very kind and helpful once you earn her trust. She has a small Electrike called Lightning. Also she runs a sort of rescue center for injured pokemon.

Name: Haji Mirol
Age: 16
Gender: female
Description: Asian complexioned tall girl
Power: she can see the past and future
Talents: singing, martial arts, science Smile, weapons, writing
Partner: Riolu
List of Pokemon: none yet...she only has one
Other: she doesn't know anything about her past and is trying to find her lost memories

Other stuff
Song Stone: A bright glowing stone that will sing random songs whenever Valkyri wills it to.

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