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Wolf Riders must be Twelve or over.

You can make a few characters winged wolves and winged riders (And a mate and pups for your wolves).

Your wolf can look however you want it any color goes, only thing is it has to wear a collar which can be made with anything from fallen stars to flowers.

Your Rider can look any way you want it to as well just less colorful since the riders are human wings can be any color though.

My wolf rider name is Jara and my wolves (Jara is a Guardian and so she has two wolf bonds) are Dharkai and White Raven.



Ranks (There can only be one Guardain and one Starmage at a time)
Guardian: Super enhanced powers. Ability to do old magic but will Bloodrage occasionally
Jara: A fair skinned rather plain young Wolf Rider with night black hair and delicate white wings with rainbow tips and blue eyes. Wears two bracelets of woven flowers one triple braided the other triple woven.

Starmage: Draws super powers from the stars and is good at growing magic.
Somali: A fair haired young female Wolf Rider with fair skin and indigo wing that sparkle like stars and indigo sapphire eyes with yin and yang symbols in the centers. Wears a bracelet of flowers growing out of her wrist and another one of pure gold flowers. .

Nightmage: Strongest at night with enhanced Shadow powers.
Solak A 6 feet tall fair skinned young wolf rider with curly brown hair and silver blue eyes with silver wings. Wears a jade green bracelet with mountain charms.

Flowermage: Good at growing flowering plants and trees in strange places.

Plantmage: Good at growing any plant

Watermage: Enhanced water powers

Shadowmage: Dark powers


Collarmage: Can enchant the Wolf Collars

Ordinary magic:

Dharkai: A plain gray female with white wings. Wears a collar of many colored flowers triple woven.

White Raven: An albino she-wolf with pure white wings and red eyes wears a collar of pink and blue flower triple braided.

Shyama: A black female wolf w/ patterns made of tiny scales and glowing stars in the shapes of mystic roses, twinkling stars, cardinals, scarlet tanagers, blue jays, gold finches, and an intense silver starfield around it all made of tiny glowing stars, tiny opal scales wind patterns around her legs, and a ring opal scales is around her neck and tail tip, and opal colored wings made entirely of stars her eyes are opal colored. Somali’s wolf wears a collar of flowers growing out of her neck.

Shushoni a Grayish female wolf with rainbow markings and orange-gold wings and a spikey gray-white mane that sticks up starts at her head, and ends at her tail. Wears a collar of pure gold flowers

Taleal: a pure white and Carribean blue she-wolf with the same eye and wing color. Solaks wolf wears a jade green collar with charms .


Jankara: A green male dragon the hybrid guardian of the forest.
Naratsha: A red furred Bubergry (Bug Bergrindy Griffen) Jara’s friend
Rosedancer: A rosy furred female Bubergry with blue almond shaped eyes and a roe clover smell to her fur Naratsha’s daughter.
Drift: A white furred female Bubergry Somali’s friend Naratsha’s other daughter
Ebony: A black furred male Bubergry Solak’s friend Naratsha’s son.
Messenger: An elite shadow beast the only friendly shadow beast in the woods.
Jaden: Jaden the alpha wild wolf in the woods.
The Cheetah Riders: Like the Wolf Riders but ride cheetah’s instead.
Songminstrel: A Guardian from another land she can control animals with her voice.

The Rogues from the other side of the mountain. The Rogues have the heads of animals and the powers to match The Hawk can fly aim for the wings to ground it. Cheetah can run with the speed of light hit aim for the legs before it takes off. Lion is really strong and has a coat of iron fur the only weak spot is the forehead. And the Snake has iron scales and poison fangs the weakness is the mouth.

Other stuff.


Skygem mountain: A gem covered mountain at a certain time of day the sun hit’s the mountain and the gems shine really brightly. (That time is called Skygem as well)

The Secret Glade: A small glade in the forest with a stream running through it a great place to have a picnic only a few know about it.

Sunstones: Bright crystals that glow with light when the wearer is in danger.

Jewels from Skygem mountain. They can only be collected by Dragons and are used to enhance powers. Gems for Fire Water Wind and Ice.

Talismans: Used for protection.

Arrow types


Bow and arrow: Bow can be made of any wood.

Poison arrows: Arrows with poison on them

Knife arrow: Arrow with razor sharp knife head on it

Multiple Shot arrow: Arrows that when fired separate into five

Ice arrow: Arrows then when they hit a target it freezes into solid ice

Explosion Arrow: When they hit a target they explode.

Sound wave Arrow: An arrow that when it’s fired produces a sound wave that can deafen an opponent.

Blinding Light Arrow: When it hits an object starts glowing with a blinding light that can blind an opponent

Water Arrow: Shoots a highly concentrated beam of water.

Earth Arrow: When it hits something explodes into a dome of earth.

Regular: Normal arrows.

Growth Arrow. When it hits the ground a whole mess of vines with sharp thorns spring up and cover the area for at least ten feet around and ten feet up then as a joke beautiful flowers open on the vines.

Rock Arrow that explodes into rocks when it hits something.

Mist Arrow. Explodes into a choking black mist whenever it hits something.

Flare Arrow: When fired explodes into a flare that can be seen for miles.

Blunt arrow: Arrows with no tips normally uses for pranks

Trapping Arrow: Shoots a net from the tip, and captures the victim

Bladed Arrow: An arrow covered in vicious blades

Lightning Arrow: An electric arrow that zones in on its target, and paralyzes them.

Summoning Arrow: Summons a creature of choice.

Splash Arrow: Encases the victim in a water orb

Forcefield Arrow: Creates a forcefield around the shooter.

Blaze Arrow: Flaming arrow

Target or Tracking Arrow: Always finds the heart of the victim

Fire Arrow: Useful if you run out of Blaze Arrows but only if you have a Fire Spirit to light them.

Electric Arrow: when it hits it's target, it electrocutes it

Storm Arrow: when shot, it surrounds its victim in a storm of the shooter's choice. The storm selection button is on its side and has choices for any type of storm. The storm lasts for a minute.

Wind Arrow: when shot, it blows its victim with a strong gust of wind

Speed Arrow: travels faster than any arrow

Gas Arrow: when shot, it releases a cloud of any desired type of gas (ie, tear gas).
Feel free to make up more Arrow types:)

Dragon scale sword: The best sword in Wolf Rider history. Can no hurt the first person who touches them or their friend. Ordinary sword are available as well.

Friends and pets


A Rider can pick two Pegasi that that they can ride and have some foals later one.

Nature Spirits.
Rare but not uncommon sometimes a Wolf Rider can have one as a pet
Bramble Spirit.
Water or River Spirit.
Fire Spirit.
Wind Spirit.
Light Spirit. (Only two at the moment but more will become available)

Other Spirits
Bramble: A Bramble spirit Jara’s friend
Mistara: A River Spirit lives in the stream in the Secret Glade. Somali’s friend
Incantartum: A Fire spirit lives in a fire well near Solak’s home. Solak’s friend.

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