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Tribe of the Rushing Wind Empty Tribe of the Rushing Wind

Post by Madeline26 on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:48 pm

For the heck of it, I am making a tribe of ocelots you can join. These ocelots can have powers and they can all fly. They can live anywhere, but they mostly like the rain forests of South America, and that is where they're largest concentration lives. They know of many things because they send out scouts to discover the world. They know of gemstones and a couple of mythical creatures...seeing that they have their. own stories. They can be as colorful as you want, but my only rules are that they still have ocelot spots somewhere on their fur (i.e. you could have a pattern below them) and parts of their descriptions made of other natural things (i.e. wings made of water, etc). This is a rough outline and if you have questions, please ask so we don't run into problems later.

The Tribe of Rushing Wind

Alpha Leaders (Alphas for short):

Luminescent Constellation: pure black female ocelot with a bright white star field pattern across her fur, silver ocelot spots, and silver wings. She can control minds and see the past and future. (Madeline)
Diamondback Cobra: orange male ocelot with with a yellow diamond pattern underneath his red ocelot spots and green wings. He has enhanced senses. (Madeline)

Beta Leaders (Betas for short):

Tidal Ocean: ocean blue female ocelot with a white tide pattern underneath her coral pink ocelot spots and cinnamon brown wings. She can control the tides. (Madeline)
Midnight Venom: pale yellow male ocelot with black ocelot spots and storm gray wings. He has venom in his teeth and can control when he uses it. (Madeline)


Fiery Icemelt: bright orange with pure white streaks underneath his icy blue ocelot spots and icy blue wings. He can melt things. (Madeline)

Deltas (Subdivides into Hunters and Protectors):


Sunlit Raindrop: bright yellow female ocelot with a rain blue raindrop pattern and bright white wings and seems to be surrounded by sunlight. She can control rain. (Madeline)
Rainy Tanager: scarlet colored female ocelot with rain blue ocelot spots and tanager colored wings. She can control tanagers. (Madeline)
Scarlet Dawn: a dawn colored female ocelot with silver ocelot spots, blue eyes and scarlet wings. She can use color as a weapon (powers are strongest at dawn and dusk)
Shivering Snow: pure white female ocelot with blue ocelot spots, ginger colored wings and brown eyes. She can make it snow
Shattering Ice: white male ocelot with black shatter lines running through his pelt, silver ocelot spots, blue eyes and the same color wings with shatter marks. He can break things(Shivering Snow's mate)
Wave Lilac: wave blue female ocelot with a light purple lilac pattern and dark purple ocelot spots and green wings. She can make waves with anything (her specialty is lilacs).
Rising Light: silver and blue female Ocelot with pale yellow and orange ocelot spots, shining wings and golden eyes. She can create light and glow with it if need be.
Ice Willow: pure white female ocelot with silver ocelot spots, red eyes and white wings. She has blue ice crystals in her fur. She freezes anything she touches. (she's expecting cubs but doesn't know it)
Sparking Starlight: pure white female Ocelot with red yellow and orange specks in her coat, silver ocelot spots, same color wings and blue eyes. She can understand the stars.


Ripple Fang: dark blue male with a light blue ripple pattern. He can lengthen and shorten his teeth. (Sunlit Raindrop's mate) (Madeline)
Storming Dragon: dark gray male Ocelot with a green and silver dragon scale pattern, glimmering blue ocelot spots and greenish-purple wings that look like those of a dragon's. He can control fire. (Daylight Song's mate) (Izabel)
Daylight Song: rose cream and light blue female ocelot with light purple ocelot spots, shimmering sapphire colored eyes and silver wings. She is one of the best female fighters (which is why she a Protector and not a Hunter)she can create beautiful songs.
Amber Fire: amber male ocelot with red ocelot spots and fiery orange wings. He can mess with the properties of fire (heat intensity, color, etc) but cannot create it. (Rainy Tanager's mate)
Raging Danger: pure, almost transparent white male ocelot with silver ocelot spots, white wings and red eyes. He can phase through objects, moving so fast his enemies only see a white blur before they are attacked. (Scarlet Dawn's mate)
Wolverine Shadow: wolverine colored male ocelot with a black shadow pattern underneath white ocelot and light gray wings. He can turn into a wolverine when he's fighting. (Icy Wind's mate)
Running WInd: light brown male ocelot with a purple wind pattern and black ocelot spots and
Lava Striker: lava colored male ocelot with bronze ocelot spots, gray eyes and blue wings.He can control lava. (Wolf Sparkle's mate)
Moonlight Song: A pure white female ocelot with silver ocelot spots swirling in tornado shapes around her pelt, ice blue eyes and a moonflower shape on her forehead. She can summon a storm of stars. (She is a semi loner and is not as friendly as most.)
Shadow Gaze: male ocelot that is as black as night with chilling green eyes, slightly less black ocelot spots and black wings. His power is unknown at the current moment. (Moonlight Song's mate)
Shining River: light yellow and light blue male ocelot with black ocelot spots, blue eyes and river blue wings. He can catch reflected light and turn it into a weapon. (Rising Light's mate)
Silent Claws: tan male ocelot with blue ocelot spots, green eyes and blue splashed wings. All four of his paws are blue. He can walk on water and tread without a sound. (Ice Willow's mate)
Golden Scar: white male ocelot with golden scars winding over his pelt, red ocelot spots, white wings and green eyes. He can inflict wounds that will never heal unless he wills them to. (Sparking Starlight)

Zetas (apprentices):

Moon Gazer: pure black female ocelot with a white face, dark gray ocelot spots, blue eyes and black wings. She is super agile and can fit through any hole, no matter how small. (She was adopted.) Mentor: Moonlight Song
Ember Rage: fire red female ocelot with dark orange ocelot spots, red eyes and red wings. Her power is no known yet.(Her power is found out when she is knocked into a volcano.) Mentor: Lava Striker
Mud Nettle: brown male ocelot with nettle colored ocelot spots and brown wings. He can manipulate mud and if he feels like it, turn to mud. Mentor: Amber Fire
Echoing Shine: orange female ocelot with with green ocelot spots and silver dashes and silver wings. She can create echoes of sounds. (Her mate is dead.)
Wind Dancer: cream colored female ocelot with light yellow ocelot spots, blue eyes and cream colored wings. She can ride the wind. Mentor: Ice Willow


Icy Wind: pure white female ocelot with a purple wind pattern underneath her silver ocelot spots and pure white wings. She can freeze things.
Wolf Sparkle: A sparkling gray and silver female ocelot with blue eyes, white ocelot spots and shimmering cream colored wings. She can turn into a wolf.


Ivy Climber: brown female ocelot with a green ivy pattern, light brown ocelot spots, and blue-green wings. She can control ivy and is a good climber.
Darkening Night: black shading to light gray male ocelot with glowing white ocelot spots and black wings. He can see colors in the dark.

(The above are Icy Wind and Wolverine Shadow's cubs)

Silver Shell: silver and glossy cream colored female ocelot with shell shaped ocelot spots, blue eyes and fairy like wings. She is seemingly drawn to water and something very strange happens when she gets wet.
Tide Breaker: mostly white male ocelot with a picture of a breaking wave on his back, silver blue ocelot spots, bright green eyes and blue wings. He can control tides.

(The above are Wolf Sparkle and Lava Striker's cubs)


Future Cubs:

Morning Flower
Description: A light blue and purple female ocelot with a flower mark on her side, light gray eyes and lily colored wings. Sh can make flowers grow.
Lighting Shatter: light yellow female Ocelot with black tips on her ears and a white lightning mark on her side and has really light almost invisible yellow ocelot spots, cream yellow wings and blue white eyes. She can control lightning (it frequently overloads and she risks the chance of electrocuting anyone around her)
Shadow Claws: pure black male ocelot with even darker ocelot spots, black wings and black eyes. He can command shadows and become shadow an is a little on the dark side
Fish Leap: shimmering blue and gray male ocelot with light silver ocelot spots, yellow tinged wings and reddish eyes. He can control water and anything in it.
Spirit Glow: small white pink female Ocelot with strange white eyes, golden ocelot spots, silver wings and a purple mark on her chest. She can talk to animals and control them (and is a little strange)

(The above are Daylight Song and Storming Dragon's cubs...Spirit Glow is not their biological cub and was adopted by them when she was found.

Join Form:

Description (including gender):
Mate (every ocelot has a mate...that's why there are two in each of the leader positions.):
Power (if any):

Note: If you make a Delta please note whether it's Hunter or Protector. Normally, the females are the hunters, and the males are the protectors. But if a male is born with hunting skills or vice versa, they'll be trained as the opposite task set aside for they're's very rare. (Females are mentored by females, etc unless the previous situationSame if you create a Cub-Mother(also make their mate). If you create a cub, please make note of who's its mother. Omegas are the elders...seeing that they are on the final stretch of their lives.

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