The Hybrids~~~For those who like Maximum Ride

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The Hybrids~~~For those who like Maximum Ride Empty The Hybrids~~~For those who like Maximum Ride

Post by Sapphire Opal on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:45 pm

You live in a place that is CRAZY! And not Crazy in a good way. You are a genetic mutation, created to do whatever the humans tell you. But do you have a surprise for them. You are not going to be a helpless puppet oh no. You are going to fight back you are going to escape. If you have to fight through a thousand Guarders to do so!
1 Not too crazy with the mutations
2 Have fun:)
Character Sheet
Pet (Mutated Creature):
Name: Marie
Age: 14
Mutation: Bird and Cat
Description: A tall girl with wild bronze hair streaked with black, blue eyes and long birds wings
Personality: Fierce Tempered and not to be messed with.
Pet: None yet
Crush: none yet
History: unknown
Other: Her claws grow really fast and cn cut through almost anything.

Age: young
Mutation: Guarder
Description: Looks like a humanoid wolf
Personality: Gentle uncommon for Guarder
Pet: None
History: Unknown
Crush" Marie

Name: Monica
Age: 26
Mutation: snow leopard and bald eagle
Description: tall girl with a snow leopard tail with eagle feathers eagle and wings
Personality: fierce and doesn't trust many and can be unfriendly
Pet (Mutated Creature): doesn't have one yt
History: unknown
Crush: none...yet. She's starting to fall fo a guy name James.
Other: James found her lying outside he place half dead.

Name: James
Age: 26
Mutation: Australian shepherd and anaconda
Description: tall man with an anaconda tail and strength and fur like an Australian shepherd
Personality: shy but kind
Pet (Mutated Creature): none
History: unknown
Crush: Monica
Other: likes poetry


Note you can have small powers like the ability to read mind breathing underwater and so on and so forth.

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