FARM CATS~~~An Adventure Every Day:)

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FARM CATS~~~An Adventure Every Day:) Empty FARM CATS~~~An Adventure Every Day:)

Post by Sapphire Opal on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:40 pm

Five cats live on a farm. Five cats with extraordinary powers. They are called upon to help by their wizard owner whenever a magical creature threatens the survival of their country. In between fights to the death they just hang around the farm goofing off.
You can make one power cat to live on the farm. (unless your cat has kittens and then you can make the kittens and a mate for your cat)
Also some farm animals list below:)
Not too many wild colors they should resemble ordinary cats as much as possible.
No wings or unicorn horns unless magically changed for a short time.
No really crazy powers like being able to leap ten thousand miles in a single jump being able to spring into space control the sun etc etc.

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Eye color:
Mate: (maybe)
Kits: (maybe)
Backstory: (How they came to the farm their past life)

Makemet (Mali) A pure white she-cat with silver black blue tortoiseshell rose tan patches and river blue eyes Backstory: Was found as a kitten on the slope of a river.

Name: Sunlight
Gender: female
Description: creme and orange tabby
Eye color: blue
Power: can see past and future
Mate: Heron (white and creme)
Kits: Eagle (female, brown and white tabby), Hawk (male, dark and light brown tabby
Backstory: one night, there was a terrible storm and when the sun broke out of the clouds, she was curled up as a kitten

Rosebud: A pinkish filly with blue eyes.
Diamondfang: A diamondback Rattler an uneasy friend.
Magical items around the farm
The Coop: A chicken coop enhanced with travel powers when on of the cats jumps on top of it and sits on one point of the compass star it will move in that direction.

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