Tribe Of Elements~~~A Shapeshifting Adventure

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Tribe Of Elements~~~A Shapeshifting Adventure Empty Tribe Of Elements~~~A Shapeshifting Adventure

Post by Sapphire Opal on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:39 pm

The Tribe of Elements is a group of people with special elemental and shape shifting powers. Each person can only shape shift into a wolf. There are 5 ranks of element: Alpha, Delta, Beta, and Omega. There are 6 Alphas, who are at the head of the tribe. Then, there are 18 Deltas, who are the “co-leaders” of the tribe. Then, there are the Betas, who are the everyday people. Finally, there are the Omegas, who are the tribe’s apprentices. There are also hybrids, which have their own small group within the tribe. They are considered Betas, but with their own special element.

1. Only 6 Alphas and 18 Deltas at a time
2. Omegas must have a Beta power only
3. Only make as many characters as you can keep track of
4. If you are suggesting a hybrid, please include its combination of elements
5. Be creative
6. Have fun!!!

Joining Form
Human Name:
Wolf Name:
Human Appearance:
Wolf Appearance:

Fire: A red pendant that seems to have a blazing fire inside
Water: A blue pendant that has an ever-rippling surface
Air: A pure white pendant
Earth: A soft green pendant the color of grass
Light: A yellow pendant that is softly pulsating with light
Darkness: A pitch black pendant that is made of black emptiness

Volcanic: A lava colored pendant that sears anyone that touches it besides it owner
Ice: An ice blue pendant made of ice and is cold to the touch
Wind: A silver pendant that has a somewhat shifting surface
Ground: A brown pendant the color of soil
Sun: A shining gold pendant
Shadow: A dark gray pendant that is made of shadows

Heat: A scarlet-orange pendant that seems to flicker
Rain: A rain blue pendant that is made of raindrops
Cloud: A sky blue pendant with clouds floating across the surface.
Sand: A tan pendant
Sun Rays: A pale yellow pendant with a shimmering cloudburst on it
Eclipse: A gold pendant with some shadows crossing its surface

Arashi: A pendant the color of a stormcloud with lightning crackling across the surface
Mirage: A clear pendant made of shimmering air. It looks like a mirage.
Kornia: A water blue and fire red swirl pendant. It is a mix of Water (Rain) and Fire (Volcanic)
Black Hole: A mixture of eclipse (with the pitch blackness of darkness) and the wind pendant with a sucking force to someone besides it's owner



~ Carson Kibt- Kotei Fire
~ Aku Norioi- Xantia Water
~ Valkyrie Wildwalker- Kaitani (Tani) Air
~ Sorica Neya- Ikira Light
~ Norik Menilo- Teko Darkness
~ Sam Toris- Shador

~ Open (Leader)
~ Wjam Jytr- Havak
~ Celena Fesac- Lali
~ Luna Kibt- Nyx (Leader)
~ Open
~ Open
~ Open (Leader)
~ Open
~ Open
~ Open (Leader)
~ Open
~ Open

(Sun, Moon, Stars)
~ Rose Lilystone- Saffraxi (Leader) Light
~ Open
~ Open
~ Open (Leader)
~ Zack Pierstone- Jarico
~ Open

~ Open (Leader)
~ Unlimited
~ Sam Pierstone- Rolki (Leader)
~ Open (Leader)
~ Unlimited
~ Open (Leader)
~ Unlimited
Sun Rays:
~ Open (Leader)
~ Unlimited
~ Open (Leader)
~ Unlimited


(Suggestions for hybrids are always accepted!)
Mirage (or Arashi?)
~ Leader (Open)
~ Pearl Wildwalker- Irrie Kornia
~ Sasha Di- Illiya
Black Hole
~ Leader Cygna- Kali
~ Unlimited



Name: Saroyan
Partner: Aku
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Rank: Gryphon Alpha
Looks: A huge dark lilac gryphon with blue speckles and a lighter underbelly. Her wing feathers are outlined in blue, and floating water swirls around her.
Eye Color: Sapphire blue swirled with silver and indigo
Personality: Gentle hearted, loyal, and extremely dangerous. She is protective of Aku.
Crush: Nitro
Chicks: Wants
Other: Nope

Name: Luminescent Fire (Lumi)
Partner: Carson
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Rank: Gryphon Alpha
Looks: Base color is black, but that is hard to tell because of all her markings. She has a "husky-like" red marking over her back, and she is ticked and striped with gold, black, and white. Her wings are outlined in gold. Fire floats around her, and, ironically, she has a ring of snowflakes floating around her neck.
Eye Color: Emerald green with sky blue centers
Personality: Scary as she looks, she is actually quite shy, although once she gets to know someone, she is very friendly and outgoing.
Crush: Flight
Chicks: Wants (Would be a good mother)
Other: Nope

Name: Nytero (Nitro)
Partner: Luna
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Rank: Gryphon Delta
Looks: He is made of liquid nitrogen. Simple as that. XD
Eye Color: Clear
Personality: Extremely protective and dangerous, although, friendly. Smile
Crush: Saroyan (Calls her Yani)
Chicks: Nope. He's a dude! XDDD
Other: When Luna rides him, he solidifies to ice, and his eyes glow white.

Name: Soraj
Partner: Sam
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Looks: White with an ethereal silver/black/indigo glow about him.
Eye Color: Same as his eyes
Personality: Friendly, but a deadly fighter.
Crush: None
Chicks: None
Other ;Nope

Name: Rai
Partner: Sasha
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Rank: Gryphon Delta
Looks: Storm gray with pale yellow vine-like scales twisting up his legs and his wings feathers are outlined in pale yellow.
Eye Color: Pale yellow
Personality: Very reserved, aggressive
Crush: Miyan
Chicks: Nope
Other: Nope

Name: Rosedancer (Rose)
Partner: Valkyrie
Age: 13
Gender: female
Rank: Gryphon Alpha
Looks: Rosy pink fur with a white mark on her chest and light blond-cream feathers her fur always smells like roses and clovers she looks more lion then eagle.
Eye Color: Her eyes are almond shaped and deep blue
Personality: Sweet and gentle but on the battlefield she is deadly
Crush: Ebony
Mate: none yet
Chicks: none yet

Name: Ebonyclaw (Ebony)
Partner: Zack
Age: 13
Gender: male
Rank: Gryphon Alpha
Looks: pure black with gray-gold feathers his claws are made of ebony
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: Kind but rough around the edges enjoys playing with the younglings but is afraid of hurting them by mistake.
Crush: He knows Rosedancer likes him and is starting o return the feeling.
Mate: none yet
Chicks none yet

Name: Miyanstarlight (Miyan)
Partner: Rose
Age: 14
Gender: female
Rank: Gryphon Delta
Looks: a tie dye mix of purple red blue and orange splashed across her coat with pure white wings
Eye Color: Brown
Personality: hard and cold she spends most of her time alone of with Rose the only thing human or Gryphon she likes
Crush: none
Mate: none
Chicks: none

Name: Lavasparkle (Sparkle)
Partner: Pearl
Age: 12
Gender: female
Rank: none
Looks: Lava red with traces of orange and yellow in her fur her wings are the same color when is sun or firelight she sparkles like a geode.
Eye Color: Blond
Personality: Gentle and kind but a bit foolish at times becomes very smart in battle
Crush: Is starting to like Flight
Mate: None yet
Chicks: None yet

Name: Poppywillow (Poppy)
Partner: Fawn
Gender: female
Looks: red with green tendrils weaving through her pelt her feathers and light blue
Eye Color: Green
Personality: Sweet and gentle she is not that good in battle because she is very soft hearted prefers to watch over the Younglings becomes a monster when her friends are in peril though
Crush: none
Mate: none
Chicks: none

Name: Flightwing (Flight)
Partner: Sam
Gender: male
Rank: Gryphon Beta
Looks: like an ordinary gryphon golden fur brindled feathers
Eye Color: Brown
Personality: Fierce and proud but when he thinks no one is looking can be very silly
Crush: Pearl
Mate: none yet
Chicks: none yet

Name: Constellation
Partner: Sorica
Gender: female
Looks: pure black griffin with a white star field pattern and silver tinged blue eyes.
Personality: kind and very comical
Other: she tells great jokes and goofs around a lot

Name: Magnet
Partner: Norik
Gender: male
Rank: griffin alpha
Looks: dark gray griffin with white dashes on his fur and green eyes
Personality: attracts many friends (hence his name),kind and very Constellation (which is why they get along so well)
Chruch: Constellation
Chicks: not yet
Other: nearly crippled himself while doing sky tricks with some buddies and sometimes has trouble flying

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